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Posted On March 27, 2020

4 Ways to Keep Your Apartment Germ and Bacteria-Free

In the wake of Covid-19 officially declared as a national emergency, one can’t find a better time to up the cleaning and hygiene standards for your apartment. While we are bent on keeping our hand sanitizer and wear masks in public, it is equally important that you keep your floors, indoor living spaces, bed sheets, curtains, and metal knobs across doors and windows, car seats, dashboards and other parts of your home clean. There is no denying that we carry germs and bacteria on our way back home from the office, local grocery market, and just about from anywhere. Plus, there are more than a dozen stuff like sinks, door handles, remote control, refrigerator doors, and a lot of other things that are a harbouring surface for germs and bacteria from our hands and in general. No matter what size your apartment is, keeping it disinfected and sanitized is perhaps the best possible measure to reduce exposure to catching deadly diseases. In this post, we take a look at four best ways to steer clear of germs and bacteria and keep your home clean and sanitizes.

Use Disinfect Wipes

Use Disinfect Wipes to Clean Room

To keep bacteria and germs at bay, always use a disinfectant wipe to sanitize all surfaces. Wiping surfaces twice a day goes a long way to offer round the clock protection for people who are staying inside or returning from outside. After you disinfect the area, it is necessary to air dry the area to ensure the bacteria is killed and additionally won’t linger anymore.

The Effectiveness of Bacteria-killing Sprays

Clean Your Room with Bacteria-killing Sprays

To clean areas like carpets and couches that can’t be wiped, a bacteria-killing disinfectant spray is highly recommended. You might want to spray in a sweeping motion to cover the entire surface and allow it some time to dry completely before one can use it. Additionally, the spray can be used across tables, mattresses, and countertops as well. In case you run out of swipes, you might as well use your disinfectant spray in a towel or paper and wipe across areas like sinks and other smaller surfaces.

Bleach Mixtures to Take Care of the Floor

Clean Floor with Bleach Mixtures

We step on a lot of unwanted things throughout the day. Hence, when you come back home and take your shoes off, we automatically invite a large number of germs and viruses. So, it’s always a good approach to clean the floors using a mixture of bleach and water to mop the floors thoroughly. A lot of reputed property builders in Kolkata use porous floors for the kitchen floor, keeping in mind the strength it offers resisting issues like cracking or fading. It is to be noted that one needs to use a whole range of disinfectants for porous floors. For instance, if you plan on using bleach on a hardwood surface, it might result in removing the color as well, which is never a good thing. Instead, one should use a wet mop with disinfecting liquid or add a small amount of white vinegar with water for effective cleaning.

Hydrogen peroxide to the rescue 

Contrary to what most people believe, hydrogen peroxide is not only beneficial for whitening your teeth. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), Hydrogen peroxide has been highly effective in treating rhinovirus under just eight minutes. Pour it right over the sink, toilets as well countertops and wait for a good 10-15 minutes. This will let it work on the bacteria and germs that are accumulated. Then, scrub the area properly and finally rinse it with water. Also, if you leave your toothbrushes open in your bathroom, clean the bristles with hydrogen peroxide as it can easily harbor a wide range of bacteria.

Don’t Forget Your Car

 Don’t forget wash your car

While you are focussed on keeping your house safe, it is also necessary that you pay equal attention to your car. After all, your vehicle is the one that takes you places, from point A to point B. Hence, it makes sense to clean and sanitize regularly used car parts like door handles, mirrors, car keys, start button, audio-video players that has a touch screen, the cup holders, the dashboard, glove box, and the console. It is necessary that you use disinfectant wipes for most surfaces, leaving out items of leather. These days, one can use a range of specific wipes dedicated to cleaning your car. While you can always use a simple disinfectant to clean your vehicle thoroughly, consider sanitizing the same and give it some time to dry. For touch screens, always use a microfiber to clear away the dust and follow it up with a spray like Lysol, giving it some time to dry. Make it a habit to clean touch screen enabled devices inside your car frequently.

Other daily household items that you might want to consider disinfecting include the following:

  • Keyboards and mice
  • Speakers
  • TV and AC remotes
  • Smartphones, tablets, Kindle readers
  • Debit and credit cards

Wrap up 

With a majority of nations adjusting to the reality of coronavirus pandemic, it becomes all the way more necessary to inculcate healthy habits of living. If you have never considered hygiene important, this is probably the best time to do so. The tips, as mentioned above, shall not only help prevent bacteria and gems but also from potentially dangerous viruses from invading your home. If you are still traveling to work or considering the idea of social distancing, you are further advised to keep all protective gear like masks and hand sanitizers with you.

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