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Posted On December 4, 2019

5 Ways How Technology is Changing The Fate Of Real Estate in Kolkata

Impact of Technology in Real Estate Industry

There is no denying the fact of how technology has ushered a sea of change in our lives. From healthcare to finance, transportation to retail and services, everyone seems to enjoy technical bliss day in and out. The real estate sector is certainly no exception. Today, homebuyers can sit back at home and hunt for properties with just a few clicks of the mouse. Likewise, the Internet has also made it possible for real estate companies to promote their services and new projects online with large and global clientele. And that’s not all. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, it’s a broader story ahead. Reportedly, the Asia-Pacific market, which contributes to nearly 40 percent of the global construction, is said to be the fastest evolving in terms of Technology with Indian and China as the two leading countries. According to a research study by Zion Market Research, Artificial Intelligence combined with Machine Vision is destined to take over the real estate market by the end of 2024, catering to needs like surveys and analysis of building structures.

Furthermore, real estate companies in India alone have depicted huge improvement in terms of developing software for information modeling, which functions to offer information related to ongoing construction, the materials used by the builder as well the data on commission. It is to be noted that real estate as a business is much more than working with the location. In essence, it’s a business that involves people, buyers, sellers their preferences, finances, budget, style, mood, taste, and several different factors that come into play. Hence, it only makes sense to leverage the potential offerings of a powerful tool like Artificial Intelligence to make things happen. Here’s a look at five ways how technology is changing the fate of real estate in Kolkata for good. Read on to find out more.

Online presence– Looking to buy a flat in Kolkata? Just open up your browser and run a simple search like 2 BHK Apartment in BT road or 2 BHK apartment in North Kolkata, and you will be presented with a long list of search results within a few seconds. Even better, major real estate companies now have their own apps and websites to offer a virtual tour of their project, which mimics the look of an apartment in real life upon completion. Also, one can book a property online through a secured payment gateway system available through the app and website. 

Chatbots–With the introduction of chatbots, the entire sales and marketing gamut have received the most needed push. Chatbots are an automated point of communication between a prospect and the company and are generally programmed to answer frequently asked questions and other queries as first base information provider about real estate projects. 

Social media–That social media has revolutionized personal and professional world requires no retelling. The latest real estate projects in Kolkata are now advertised easily across popular social media platforms like Facebook, which gains mass viewing, and interested parties from all corners of the city can connect in one place. 

Smart Homes– This is by far the most significant technological advancement that the real estate industry has witnessed so far. For anyone fond of a modern lifestyle, smart homes are a befitting offering to consider. As such, automated homes are in vogue these days as people, especially the millennials, are harping on technology to govern their lives and make living a blissful affair. Let’s take a look at what tech has to offer in terms of home automation: 

  • Smart Switch –Simply put, a smart switch is one that sits on the wall and uses your home Wi-Fi to connect with multiple devices across your house seamlessly. It lets you play and control music, check room temperature and switch on lights, and a lot more. 
  • Thermostat– Dedicated to regulate room temperature, Thermostat is a great device that connects easily from your phone or tablet.
  • Heating & Cooling sensors: The use of primitive sensors that helps to accommodate and increase or decrease hot and cold points across all your rooms. These sensors are also capable of detecting your presence in the room and accordingly set the temperature based on your preference and user data. 

Disaster management: Quite often, many buildings fail to follow a strategic plan while it’s being constructed. Now, depending on the area and its inclination towards disasters, Artificial Intelligence can help predict such disasters even before they happen, by taking into account real-time statistics which helps in dodging such mishaps and save lives in the process. 

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