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Posted On November 6, 2019

6 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom into A Peaceful Retreat

6 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom into A Peaceful Retreat

If you are fond of sleeping, you have just found the perfect read for yourself. Many times, we often complain about not being able to catch a sound sleep. Fret not. Here’s a look at six ways how one can transform their bedroom into a peaceful retreat like never before. Read on to find out more.

 Soothing Your Senses

Bedroom Design 

 Are you one of those guys who can’t seem to shut your eyes to the world and unwind easily? Well, here’s a tip to make your life easy. For a sound sleep, it’s necessary to calm your senses. Let’s start by changing your environ a bit. How about changing the color of your room with a soothing tone, something that is not too loud or not too dull but just the perfect blend of two. Try hanging a lush green landscape painting in one of the walls. They are chic and induces a calming effect. Use a mild room spray to release a delightful odor to help lull you to sleep easily. Using a vaporizer with essential oils or maybe a potpourri is also an excellent way to soothe your senses to usher in sleep, nice and easy.

 Go Easy On Yourself

 When it comes to us being insomniac, we tend to blame our brain cells, staying all chatty at night. However, lights in our rooms are also a major contributor to not being able to sleep peacefully. Continuous exposure to light, even the glow from a mobile or a laptop, can render you awake at night for long hours. Besides, it also induces fatigue in the long run. A wise call would be to shut down or lower the power of the bulbs and tubes in your bedroom. If your apartment or house is located across the street, chances are your window is lit up at night from lights of traffic and lamp posts in the area. An excellent way to shun those lights is by using thick curtains. Also, before you hit the bed, try disconnecting yourself from all everyday gadgets like mobiles, laptops, earphones, and even your smart-watches.

 Focus In Order To Sleep Tight 

 Fancy sleeping like a baby? The key lay in the power of concentration. The more you can concentrate on a particular object, the more quickly you will be able to get a good shuteye for the night. These are some people who prefer listening to a particular sound, maybe a song or a tune each night, which according to them, puts them to easy slumber. If you can’t seem to find anything to focus on, concentrate on ambient sounds like the fan swishing overhead or the low hum coming from an air conditioner. It all boils down to a little bit of experimentation before you realize what works for you and what doesn’t.

 Fix Your Bedding Right 

 There is no magic bedding to lull you to sleep. So, you will have to try one for your size before you make a purchase. While buying a bed calls for multiple considerations, your mattress too plays an important role. A mattress should be not only firm but also easy to maintain and highly durable. Hypoallergenic bed linens are also a good choice depending on the weather of the city you live in. The rule of the thumb says people who sleep mostly on their stomach demand pillows that are soft and flat, and side sleepers require ones that are thick while back sleepers prefer a medium one.

 The Temperature of Your Room

 Do you feel like tossing over hot coals when you hit the sack? It’s probably your roof receiving just too much sun. In such conditions, always run an air conditioner to cool the room at least an hour before you sleep. As an added measure, you might as well consider painting your roof with reflective paints. Many reputed builders in Kolkata already do the same to control room temperature incessantly. Creating a roof garden is another excellent way to usher in greenery to keep the sunlight and the heat contained within them and prevents it from passing beneath. If none of the above measures is feasible at your end, sprinkle some cold water on the floor and switch on the fan to an all-round cooling effect in your room.

 Set Everything to Snooze

 If you have a pet or a kid in the house, chances of getting a night of sound sleep is a bit on the lower side. Here’s a tip. Make your kids go to bed an hour early before you usually do. For pets, of course, keep them healthy so that they can sleep on time. When you turn off the lights in the house, your pet dog or cat automatically knows its bedtime. For birds, of course, put a cloth covering the cage, suggesting it’s time to sleep. There’s no denying that we live and function in a world that has grown to be hyper-alert, but the theory is totally opposite to getting a sound sleep. So, what do you do? Set all your alarms to respond to the snooze button so that you never have to wake up early when your body says no. Of course, you need to wake up on time for work but always ensure that you have rested well for the night before you can begin for the day.

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