Posted On January 8, 2022

7 Rules to Follow to Renovate Your Apartments in Kolkata

Renovate Your Apartments in kolkata


Buying a home is a dream come true for many families. But sometimes, renovating your home is inevitable as time passes on. They can be exhausting but they can also be extremely rewarding – especially if you know the main rules and regulations about a renovation. For making an upgrade, renovating your interior provides an opportunity to tailor your spaces according to your exact requirements.

But starting the process can prove to be overwhelming. Especially if you’re not prepared in advance. The more you understand the process at an early stage, your decisions and plans will run even more smoothly. To ensure that your project stays away from unexpected twists, here’s laying down the 7 top apartment renovation laws that every homeowner should know.


The Unspoken Rules and Regulations of Renovation of Your Apatment in Kolkata



Only renovate as per your goals

Renovating your home is definitely a long-term investment. It comes with tremendous benefits down the line. But do you see yourself in the same home in 5 years? Or will you renovate to fetch a better price (resale value) for your apartments in Kolkata? Some families look for a home extension by adding extra rooms. Some desire new flooring. 

No matter the enhancements, keeping your end goals in mind will help make the process smoother with a more tailored approach. Once this is clear, you can build a detailed home improvement plan with a proper outline of the work.



Do not start without precise budgeting

The most crucial part when planning a home renovation is the budget. This should be done within 3-6 months before undertaking the project. Typically, this includes costs for permits, labour costs, costs of building materials, etc. To make sure your budget is on the right track, request cost estimates from multiple professionals to arrive at a fixed conclusion well ahead of time.

Among the multiple rules and regulations regarding renovation, setting and adhering to a budget can be the hardest part. Always give yourself a healthy margin for unanticipated expenses – be sure to add a contingency fund in case unexpected costs come your way. It is often recommended to keep an extra 10-20% for such costs in the future. For instance, the cost of staying at a hotel while the renovation work is underway. This also includes replacing fixtures, installing heating and cooling systems, etc.



Always utilize your current space

While the first step of a remodelling project often begins with a plan, it is always advisable to understand how you can make effective use of your already existing space. For example, moving a door. Though it sounds simple, it can actually facilitate better storage and can allow a better form of entry/exit. Similarly, you can also remove walls between your kitchen and dining room in order to increase the functionality of spaces. So if the availability of space is tight, first work on how you can effectively utilize your current space in line with relevant apartment renovation laws.



Get legal permissions beforehand

No renovation work can take place without the consent of the relevant authorities. Without their permission and approval, no addition and alteration of the existing flat can take place. The legal sanctions typically come from Housing Societies or Apartment Owners Association. While the rules may differ based on the specific local authority that governs your area, documentation is required before undertaking any kind of remodelling work. You will need to abide by the society rules for flat renovation that are laid down. Also, ensure that the same is followed within proper working hours with every safety precaution.



The best contractor, the best results

Once you get your approval sanctioned, it’s time to get the right contractor. This is particularly an important part of the renovation rules and regulations since you will need to balance cost and perceived quality when choosing one. Always choose a contractor that has a good track record and impeccable word-of-mouth publicity. 

By getting referrals, you can get real accounts and testimonies of actual customers to strengthen your decision. A before and after glimpse of the contractor’s work can shed some light on preferences. You can also choose certain contractors for different aspects of the renovation process. Interview multiple contractors and do your homework to ensure you have the best for your job.



Be specific about design ideas

While creating a plan, don’t forget to fix your design preferences. And for this, you’ll find inspiration almost everywhere – home decoration magazines, Pinterest, interior decoration websites and other forms of social media. Having a particular design direction in mind with the proper apartment renovation laws in mind will help you make it easier in the long run. Since your home stands as a reflection of your persona, your vision must be the centre of the remodelling activities.



Prepare for unexpected timelines

Nothing in life ever goes as planned. The same applies to your remodelling ventures. Hence, it’s wise to be realistic about your timeline. It may take longer than you anticipated so make room to accommodate changes. For instance, the delivery of your new materials may take weeks. Bad weather conditions may affect your work. The examples are endless. The unpredictability of renovation work must not be overlooked. Be sure to keep this in mind before starting the remodelling of your home.


The beauty of renovation lies in the fact that you can preserve the nostalgia of the past while giving a fresh look and appeal to your interiors. If done right, renovating apartments in Kolkata can be an extremely satisfying project! The transformation and the result will make your efforts worthwhile as you look at your new surroundings in awe.

Be sure to take a moment to appreciate your home once the renovation process is complete.

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