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Posted On February 25, 2020

8 Awesome Tips for Your Kids Moving In To a New Apartment

how to tell your child you are moving away

Shifting to a new apartment always strikes a happy chord. However, it also brings in the trouble of arranging your stuff and handling other details as well the expense of moving. If the whole episode turns out to be stressful, you can only imagine what it does for your children. Besides, when a kid moves from one place to another with his family, it becomes hard for them to cope up with a new environment fast. Hence, you must do everything in your capacity to make things comfortable for your kid. Here’s a look at eight essential things that one needs to do for their children when considering moving to a new apartment. 

Include Your Kid’s Right from the Start 

Never choose to break the news of moving out o a new apartment to your kids, all of a sudden. Instead, please include them in the decision-making process right from the very beginning. This shall give them ample time to be ready on a mental level to move from their comfort zone of living in one place and suddenly struggling to shift to a new home and new surroundings. After you have chosen a property, sit down with your kids to put together a list of things that the new apartment or house has to offer. Sure, it might not have a tree-house and backyard to run and play, but at least you can always give them a playground and a swimming pool right within the gates of a community living. 

Visit Apartment Communities Together 

It would be best if you made your child understand that their decision is as important as your own while choosing to invest in an apartment. As such, they will be more eager to go around with you for a trip to visit the apartment communities. You might as well ask them how they want their room to look like, what color they prefer for their walls, or maybe the view from their window. |

Explore the Surrounding Area 

 After you have chosen an apartment, you must spend some time driving around the surrounding area to explore things. Who knows you might hit upon an excellent playground for your children or a local cricket coaching camp that your little Tendulkar might like. Take them along with your drive and when you hit upon such a great find, witness your kid jump with joy. 

A Community Tour Together 

Sure, your kids can know a lot about your new 2BHK flat in north Kolkata from photos and videos. However, when you take them for a community tour along with you, they can experience things in hand and right in front of them. For instance, the playground, children’s park, swimming pool, and other such exciting areas right within the community. Chances are your kid can make a friend with another new family even before you move in! 

Assign Them a Job 

After you have decided to buy an apartment, you must keep your kids engaged in some activity to help with your moving. Always remember, children dislike the idea of being neglected. They love to be part of all adult activity that makes moving easier. You might as well ask them to pack their toys all on their own and give them a deadline to finish the task. This will readily make them feel important and at par with other family members. Additionally, you always ask them to help you put together a to-do-list as you dictate the same or put color-coded stickers to mark boxes accordingly before you vacate your current apartment. 

Don’t Skip Childcare 

No matter how much your child seems excited about moving, it is likely that they experience a great deal of anxiety as well have mixed feelings about moving to a new place altogether. Hence, always consider childcare like a playmate during the daytime or keep them at their grandparent’s house or with their favorite uncle or aunty. This way, you can keep their anxiety under control by diverting their mind and keeping them happy and occupied. 

The School 

If your shifting demands your child switch schools, it will be helpful to plan a visit to the new school a day ahead of his official attendance. This will shake away their nervousness or fear of stepping into a new environment. Instead, they will be able to embrace the big change easily and make friends faster for good. 

Why Not Have a Party 

It’s always necessary that you plan a party or a happy gathering right after you move in to your new apartment. A sleepover or an eating out can also bring on a positive vibe. Consider inviting your family friends or maybe your new neighbours, who, in the long run, will be part of your community. 

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