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Posted On August 12, 2019

8 Awesome Ways to Add a Dash of Ethnicity to Living Spaces

8 Awesome Ways to Add a Dash of Ethnicity to Living Spaces


Looking to facelift your living space with an ethnic touch? Perhaps the best way is to set a foot afresh and stay aloof from taking on the same, repetitive ideas that float almost everywhere. Yep! New thoughts, smart attributes and a unique approach for your inner decor; that’s about it! Indian tradition is an amalgamation of multiple cultures & religions across the country and there’s certainly no denying how it has made way into several aspects governing our lifestyle.  While a little DIY is always good to save money, one can always seek professional advice when considering redecoration of your apartment. Here are a handful of notable ideas to bring forth that traditional Indian touch to your house. Read on to find out more.


 Antique items


  • Antique items: Indian touch implies a collection of antique home décor items that reflect ancient India. For example, you can buy hookah, different modern idols of Indian deities, traditional teapots, handmade vases, ethnic elephant showpieces and more. Apart from these, you can buy traditional carpets, antique wall clock and more to enhance the appearance of your 2 BHK apartment. All these items give an elegant and decent look to your interior along with creating the mirror image of old ancient Bharat.

 Wall Art


  • Wall art: When you add the artwork to your wall it enhances the appeal of your room. You will get different Indian artworks available in the market. Each of those masterpieces stands unique in their own way. Adding one of those wall paintings to your living room will surely uplift the standard of your interior. Madhubani paintings, kalamkari paintings are some of the highly demanded paintings nowadays.



  • Structures: No wonder, Indian culture owns amazing structural home décor items in the market out there. Engraved wooden structures, showpieces, sculptures represent Indian tradition to a great extent. Moreover, you can visit different antique shops that store old heritage structures to buy such décor items. On the other hand, you can also collect traditional statues and structures from your grandparents as well.




  • Upholstery: New apartments demands to be adored with brand new products and furniture. Therefore, you can add Indian textiles, patterns to the fabrics of your interior home décor items. You cannot deny that Indian embroidery, prints, and stitches are globally well-known for quality, colour, and elegance. Hence if you can incorporate Indian handloom textiles and fabrics to the upholstery of your home. It will definitely leave your guests speechless.



  • Furniture: Indian-style furniture always adds a special theme to your 3 BHK apartment. India is a country that speaks of unity in diversity. There are a number of different cultures with thousand of unique lifestyles. However, you cannot involve the lion’s share of the items of different religions but you can include some of the specific popular furniture from different states. For instance, you can buy a Rajasthani cabinet and place it in your bedroom. Next you can order a Gujrati Jhula for your living room. Else, a contemporary curved tool or a traditional sofa set will be no wrong.



  • Lighting: This is one of the important factors to remember. Adding Indian traditional lamps offers a sober look to your dining hall for sure. If you want to décor your apartment with decent lanterns then traditional chandeliers would be just perfect. Else, you can also buy old hurricane lights, popular lanterns of old India. These kinds of lights are inspired from old concepts hence, carry an old traditional essence.

 False ceiling


  • False ceiling: No wonder, this is a great idea to dwell upon but you will need professional help to apply this idea. Applying traditional ceiling is a great idea indeed. It changes the entire theme of your living room. However, before applying this design you can take expert advice. In other words, you can ask your interior designer to design a traditional false ceiling to your room as ethnic ceilings always steal the show.


Statement design


  • Statement design: You should always avoid mismatching furniture when you are offering Indian influence to your interior home décor. Select furniture that features statement design. For instance, you can go for the same patterned couch, table-chair, sofa set and more.

In the end, when you are furnishing your new apartment you should always keep a few things in mind. Such as, you should never add excessive home décor items to your home. Remember, no matter how expensive item you bought if you don’t place them perfectly your home will look no less than a mess. Therefore, you must select items keeping your interior in mind. Purchasing a lot of unnecessary items can lead to great confusion. Therefore, you should always think twice before investing your hard-earned money. Drop us a line and let know of your unique ideas for decorating living spaces bearing an Indian touch.

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