Posted On February 5, 2018

Add a Touch of “YOU” to Your Abode


Do you feel incomplete when you look at the decor of your house? Is the home environment gloomy? Turning an apartment or house to a home can be a bit fiddly. Drive away sluggishness from your abode and make it look inviting, cheerful and bright. Adding a personal touch to your cocoon brings a sense of belongingness.  So get started and add a dash of “Youness” to your home sweet home without making a hole in your pocket:


Your name says it all!



Adding a beautiful nameplate at the entrance of your home is something a lot of people forget to do. The nameplate, naming one or all the people living in the apartment distinguishes your place and gives a touch of belongingness. Be it a simple or a grand one, depending upon your choice, a nameplate is the first step of adding a dash of “You” to your beautiful abode.


Painting the Windows and Walls


Painting the Windows and Walls


Painting the walls and windows of your abode with your favorite colors is the easiest way to add a touch of your personal liking. Use of bright colors instantly transforms a boring décor to a fabulous one. If you are low on budget you can go for painting the windows and doors of your place with contrasting colors. Bright colors on doors will go with neutral walls and vice versa.


Addition of a Bright Rug


Bright Rug


Nowadays, decorating a room is not limited to decorating four walls and roof. Rather, to make the room more appealing, paying attention to floorings is also important. For this, an affordable way is to add a bright designer rug to the surface. So, what are you waiting for… head out to the market to buy this appealing piece to uplift the room décor.


Say Yes to Curtain and Drapes


Curtain and Drapes


Just like the personality of a person, depends on the dress he’s wearing. In the same way, the look of your room depends on the “dress” it wears. Well, I am talking about curtains. Curtains and drapes are the simplest way to dress-up your room according to your liking. So, start personalizing your room by choosing the best curtains that go well with the color and texture of your room.




Room Lighting



Many a time, fittings are such that light is not distributed equally in all directions. Make sure the study room is well lit. Simple and white lightings are things of the past. Nowadays, the market is loaded with a plethora of options to choose from. Example, ring-shaped LED lights for rooms, standing lamp/chandelier with light fittings in it etc. These lighting options can reflect light in your room perfectly in sync with your style and without much hassle.


Make Your Home Look Spacious


Home Look Spacious


Try to have neutral colored walls at your home. This will create an illusion of spacious rooms at your place. Not only this, it also helps in keeping the mood light and joyful. Below are a list of some colors and a guide about where you should use these colors in your home.


Colour Where to Use Benefits Remarks
Green For the desktops Restful for eyes Lowered strain on eyes
Orange Gyms Increases oxygen supply to the brain, produces an energizing effect and stimulates brain activity Best for stimulation and enthusiasm
Blue Professional workplace, study area Lower heart rates, and green reduces anxiety Associated with money and calmness
Yellow Kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms Makes your room spacious and  welcoming Energizing and uplifting


Family Photos


Family Photos


What can be more personalized than photo frames? Adding your son’s favorite teddy and photos will give a personalized touch to your place. There are so many types of frames available out there in the market starting from wooden frames to marble ones. You can match the frames with the overall décor of your place to add sparkle to your abode. Adding photo frames not only adds a personalized touch but also lets you cherish special moments. If you are not interested in investing your hard earned money on photo frames you can also try some DIYs available on World Wide Web in your free time. A better way to utilize the free time… Whoa!


Colourful Pottery is a Plus


Colourful Pottery


It would not be fair, taking care of all the rooms while personalizing and leaving the kitchen untouched. For the kitchen, add some colorful pots and designer pottery. This will flaunt your personal touch in front of your guests. You can also serve lunch in colorful ceramic crockery and potteries like jugs, serving plates etc. to flaunt your style.


Nowadays people not only want their homes to look stylish but also functional. People go for furniture that not only looks good but effortlessly provides a storage space to keep the stuff. Multipurpose products are in trend when it comes to present times. So, if you are also looking for tips and tricks to make your place more customizable then above written tips are for you. Time to create a personalized space for living… All the best peeps!


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