Posted On February 16, 2018

Advantages of Living in a Gated Community


A gated community is a real estate trend which we can observe since the past two decades. People are moving to such communities due to their exclusivity and residential privacy. Gated communities are often characterized by amenities such as closed gated perimeter, big walls and fences, round the clock systems for security and many more. These communities are known to impart a sense of brotherhood and cohesiveness in the society. In today’s world, there are a plethora of real estate projects going on. Wherever, we go we can see a number of residential projects under construction. Real estate market has always been in the news. There are pros and cons of everything. Gated communities are no less. So, today we are going to discuss the benefits of living in a gated community in comparison to other neighborhoods. What are we waiting for, let’s get started to know why these are a boon for our society:


No Speeding Vehicles



Vehicles on the main roads have always posed a threat. People drive recklessly making it dangerous and unsafe for innocent chaps on the roads. A gated community always has an edge, when it comes to concerns related to road safety. Even if someone tries to enter the community with speed, seeing a gated community’s entrance he/she has to adjust the speed of the vehicle to the appropriate limit for residential streets.


Increased Control and Security



The amount of thefts in the country has increased to an alarming number. To protect people from such unpleasant happenings, gated communities provide a shield. It’s a deterrent to vandals and thieves. The presence of an entrance gate and guard ensures troublemakers are aware that it’s difficult to get in. Burglars always try for easy targets, which in turn makes the individuals living in a gated community safer from thefts. The maintenance of the gate should never be compromised when it comes to a gated community!


Pedestrians Safety



As we know, gated communities have more security and control; it comes as no surprise that pedestrians have higher safety here when compared to an individual house. The environment for elderly and kids are safer. They can be carefree. This carefree environment brings a sense of belongingness in children while playing games and other recreational activities.


Sense of Community



A very distinct feature of a gated community is an increased sense of community. Neighbors are aware who lives in the vicinity. Strangers are checked and enquired by the security guard, whenever entering the community. Festivals and other recreational skits are celebrated together. People get to gel-up within the communal society which provides a higher sense of belongingness.


Expensive Property



Gated communities are always expensive when compared to all other types. This means rental flats and homes in the gated community are much higher in value than the neighborhoods. Also, the amount of security in gated communities is much higher which also adds to the higher values of the property.


Controlled and Secure Access



Since entering in a gated community is not easy, the level of access to the residents becomes limited. People living in gated communities have the freedom to check the visitor’s identity details via sitting at their flat. Else, the security guards are always told to confirm the identity and note their necessary personal details for future reference. In today’s unsafe world, many communities have surveillance cameras for security at the entrance of the gated community. Having said that, the entry and exit are controlled in a gated community which makes sure there is less unwanted traffic getting in.


Solicitation is a No-No



One of the best traits of a gated community is that you can allow or restrict whoever comes to the entrance of the community. This gives an increased sense of freedom and security. You can restrict the entry of salesmen, people coming for asking donations etc. So, no more getting frustrated to open the door numerous times for checking who’s on the other side.


Communities that are gated function best in today’s world. They are safe and less havoc to live. Surveillance cameras, electronic working gates with auto lock and intercom help in making such communities top choice to live. Not only this, these communities have a separate team of members who see the proper functioning of the community. If any issue strikes you, you can call them or certainly walk up to them and discuss your issue to get it resolved. Any plumbing or electric issue, just call the community team and your repair will be done fast and at an affordable rate. So guys, above mentioned were the benefits a gated community over other neighborhoods.


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