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Posted On October 10, 2018

Auspicious Days to Invest in Your New Home

Navratri and Diwali are the most awaited festivals of the year. They not only bring the joy of spending valuable time with the family but also offer a great opportunity to grab a mouthful of those delectable sweets and hop over those tempting traditional feasts. It is a time when the entire family and all our friends are together. But this is not the only significance associated with these festivals. Navratri and Diwali also serve as the best episodes to make significant purchases, particularly a new home!

As per the Hindu calendar, it is best to make monetary investments during festivities and there is no better time than that of Navratri and Diwali. These festivals are considered to be extremely auspicious to make the biggest purchases of the year or of the lifetime, which is a property or real estate. If you are checking out properties, then do check the 4 BHK flats & apartments in Rathtala so that you don’t miss out this best option.


The significance of Buying New Residential Projects in Kolkata during Dussehra


Dussehra, also known as Vijay Dashmi is celebrated the next day after the 9 days of Navratri. It is a mass celebration across India and is celebrated on Goddess Durga’s victory over the Demon Mahishasura, God Rama’s victory over Demon King Ravana, and the victory of Arjuna over the entire Kaurava Army. No matter with which belief you celebrate the festival, the symbolism behind them is the same and that of victory of good over bad, dharma over adharma or evil.


If you too have had a struggling life full of challenges, then this can be a perfect day to beat them all and win victory over such life challenges and hurdles. It is one of the best days to invest in property and celebrate your success in life.


In fact, most of the people prefer to start their new business, buy a new vehicle or invest in real estate in India on this day.


Why You Must Invest in Property and Apartments in Kolkata on Dhanteras?


As the name suggests, Dhanteras is celebrated on the thirteenth day after Dussehra and as the first day of Diwali celebration. It is also known as Dhanvatari Trayodashi or Dhanatrayodashi and in some parts of India holds more significance than the actual day of Diwali.


The main deities worshipped on this day are the God of wealth, Kuber, Goddess of fortune, prosperity, and wealth, Lakshmi, and Shri Ganesha, the Lord to mark all favorable beginnings.


Dhanteras is the best day to invest in new things and for this reason, most of the people buy a new utensil or ornament of gold or silver on this day. In the Hindi language, ‘Dhan’ means ‘wealth.’ Hence, this is the best time of the year to invest in gold, silver, precious metals, and property.


Symbolize Your Victory this Diwali with Kolkata Property Developers


Diwali, the most awaited, bright, and joyous festival of the year brings immense happiness and joy into each person’s life. This festival symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, good over bad, and knowledge over ignorance.


Diwali is one of the most important Hindu festivals, which is celebrated in every corner of the country. People this day, clean their house, renovate their home and decorate the interiors as well as exteriors with small lit lamps, diyas.


It is the day when God Ram returned back home after 14 long and difficult years along with Goddess Sita and his brother Lakshmana. If you still have not invested in real estate, then make a mark this year and even you step into your own home like God Ram. It is believed that major purchases made in property during this time if the year will be fruitful throughout the lifetime and will bring you more monetary gains.


Diwali is a festival of light and undoubtedly the perfect occasion to make a property purchase to bring good fortune and light into your family and house. In addition to gold and silver, you must now invest in property to make your future more secure and present more joyful.


These are the most auspicious days to buy a home or invest in real estate and for this reason, the reputed builders in Kolkata have presented a lavish range of apartments in Kolkata. There are 4 BHK properties for sale in Rathala at Orchard County holding excellent construction quality, elite layout, world-class facilities, and premium ambiance.


You can always do an in-depth research before investing in real estate in Kolkata. But if you are dealing with the best property developers in Kolkata then you don’t have to worry at all. These reputed dealers and companies have a roll of discounts and exclusive offers during the festive season. Hence, make the most of this year’s festive season and invest in real estate in Kolkata to live a life in luxury and enjoy excellent lifestyle at budgetary norms.

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