Posted On August 11, 2020

Benefits of Open Spaces in Residential Projects

Housing Projects in Kolkata

Finding housing projects in Kolkata can be a tiresome job. So when people find one, they don’t take enough time to check the property thoroughly and rush into the process of booking it. Sometimes, just for the sake of getting the house, people fail to check if the house is compact or in a closed space. While some people prefer to live in the cultural part of the city and get a 2 bhk house in North Kolkata, others prefer to live at the heart of the city in the centre or even in more posh areas like south Kolkata. Well, irrespective of which part of the city you desire to live in, it is important to have a house in an open space. Keeping in mind today’s housing trends, reputed builders in Kolkata have started to focus on building houses and properties that are open to the sky and are not very closely surrounded by other buildings. It causes suffocation and uneasiness to the residents if two buildings are too closely built. While these are the drawbacks, we have accumulated a list of points that make open spaces an advantage. To know what these points are, continue reading!

Increase in Appeal

Greenery and water bodies are highly responsible for making your surroundings look attractive and also keep the air around you clean. It also consequently improves your living standards. Therefore, open spaces give the residents a sense of security and make one comfortable in the surrounding they reside in.

Scope of Growth

In today’s world where kids are spending a ridiculous amount of time in front of screens, it is important to keep them active. Since parents have started to stay busy due to the increasing load of work pressure, kids need to have open space apartments in North Kolkata. This space can give kids the allowance to enjoy themselves by playing outdoor games, riding a bicycle, or having fun with their friends at the built-in park.

Less Stress

Our mental healths have started to get severely affected due to our lifestyles today. The lockdown has also proven to be pretty heavy on our minds. As we all know, for wholesome wellbeing, it is important to keep our minds as healthy as our body. And so this, we require open spaces. Constantly staying within four walls can have a harmful effect on our brain’s functionality which therefore can impact our mood and productivity. A less cluttered environment allows you to move about freely and refreshes your mind.

Promotes Active Lifestyle

For the overall wellbeing of your body, a healthy lifestyle is a must. Due to the ongoing pandemic, people have been confined to their homes and even been kept away from meeting their friends and relatives. Because of this, people have had limited physical activities. Having an open space around your house promotes you for a more active lifestyle. You can go for a walk in the morning, or jog in the evening or even go cycling. Some upcoming properties in Kolkata also have built-in gyms, swimming pools, and even game rooms to promote a healthy lifestyle. It is a blessing for anyone who has for years been postponing their fitness routine and also for the ones who live for fitness

Space for Recreational Activities

What’s better than watching your kids play on a Sunday evening while you sip tea at a cosy corner in the room. Open spaces are also ideal for people who live with their old parents or have pets at home. Old people usually require an open area for movements and to get fresh air. It not only refreshes them but also keeps them sound and healthy. Reputed real estate builders in Kolkata offer amenities such as garden, play area, sitting plaza, senior citizen plaza, pool, library, and more.


Open spaces make it possible to interact with likeminded people. It is also important to communicate and socialize with people in our day to day lives. It doesn’t matter if you have a 2BHK flat in North Kolkata or 3, every person wants to have space around their complex to go for a morning run or even an evening stroll with your dog. Open spaces are also crucial for hosting outdoor parties and small gatherings on occasions.

Great Scope for Designing

Liberty of space can help make something wonderful in your precious abode if you let your creative juices flow. Not only are you allowed to play with colours, patterns, and textures, but you can also add designer furniture, rugs, mirrors, and lamps to amp up the look of your house. The more space gives you a huge floor area. You can dedicate separate sections to special tasks such as reading, writing, or painting.

Enhances Property Value

Investing in properties with open area provides an excellent return on investment (ROI). Buyers are more attracted towards such properties than a stand-alone building which has no sense of security. It increases the property’s market value and is likely to give you a good some in return when you sell it off in the future.

Improves the Safety and Welfare of Residents

Since open areas come with so many facilities, security services are a must. In open areas, kids are left alone to play with friends and women too can move about freely at any hour. Many open area societies also have their vegetable vendors and servant’s identity recorded with them which further enhances the security level in these open area.

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