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Posted On September 25, 2018

Why is BT Road Becoming the Hot Spot for Residential Flat Buyers

The electrifying real estate development executed in the city of Kolkata has touched a fever pitch! The inglorious hangover of a period that sank into a never-ending underdevelopment seems to be rapidly being cast away.


Reputed builders in Kolkata have brought an enlivening spirit of modification and beautification in this city. At one stretch you get excellent urban infrastructures that touch the sky without limits and on the other, the sensitive ecological awareness along with a cleanliness drive is also not to be undermined.


Overall, the massive boom of real-estate developments in the city of Kolkata has led to its renaissance, not just in the Indian market of real estate but also in the global platform. Reckoning of such current existential picture of real estate in Kolkata, one location that comes in immediate reference is BT road that has exceptionally grown out from rags to riches in terms of real estate developments. The area that used to be a catastrophic junction of incessant and perennial traffic jams, an undistributed clutter of population, is now a reincarnated form of marvelous urbanized city that gleams with high-raisers and clean roads.


In a move to decode the future possibilities of this area, Kolkata property developers decided to lay down multiple real-estate projects. Like a morning dream, the possibilities once being drawn on big charts and made into dummy modules got transformed into an efficacious reality within a few years.


The Dunlop-Khardah stretch on BT Road especially has gone through climatic changes and today stands out as a hotspot for residential flat buyers. With the nearest connectivity to Shyambazar metro station, the demand goes insanely high in the area. Aborting the previous circumstances of a steeping down-market of real estate in this location, building developers in Kolkata have drawn a new picture of a triumphant real-estate venture.


A Quick Recap of the History and the Present


Before the advent of the years 2011 and 2012, BT road was nothing more than a shabby suburban area, in utter despair of underdevelopment and yearning for re-establishment of prevailing real estate conditions. Inhabitants of this area have records of saying how terrible daily transportation was like and the cumbersome journey that had to take on a daily basis. Apart from a few low-key units of small shops and departmental stores, the flying spree of multiplexes already happening in Kolkata was completely oblivious to BT Road.


Until towards the end of the year 2016, the dynamic transformation drive started with top ranking and heavily invested projects. The initiative wasn’t easy for reputed builders in Kolkata since the certainty of success for BT road project was not yet estimated officially. The investment from the finest clan of investors had already come in and with the immediate commencement of the project, the steady pace of interest and demand of residential flat buyers have started to count as well. This little sign of initial interest and demand was enough for the real-estate developers to feel the heat slowly soaring high!


Today BT road stands out as one of the hotspots for residential flat buyers, which is an absolutely true fact with visible modernization, availability in the finest real-estate residential properties, multiple amenities nearby, transportation availability and developments in the daily commute.


The towering heights of happy homes at Orchard 126


One of the most notable residential projects standing tall in the heart of BT road is Orchard 126. The upcoming, in-progress project of residential Complex of 2 and 3 BHK is an absolute epitome of enigmatic real-estate property ever to be witnessed before.


From provisions of multifaceted amenities such as departmental stores, Spencer Hypermarket, reputed schools and hospitals to the extravagant living lifestyle at affordable rates, all contribute to the plunging scenario of growth, profit, and development in BT Road. Keeping in mind the easy connectivity to Kolkata airport, and IT hub, Salt Lake Sector V, expert architect designers have strategically laid down their master plan of Orchard 126 in BT Road.


Countless Reasons to Smile!


The rocket-speeding building constructions going on in BT Road for residential apartments, including Orchard 126, are wrapping the deals with amenities that are delectable just like the property itself. The beautiful, lush green garden landscapes, leisurely clubhouses, top of the line gymnasiums, unlimited wi-fi connectivity, on-campus health care facilities, swimming pools and innumerable other amenities, that make living a better experience.


What more you have to ask for!


Such amenities are then combined with absolutely exceptional, beautifully decorated residential apartments. No wonder the influx of such high demands of residential buyers in BT Road is the reality of this hour. The reverberation of this urban development has led to the springing up of various movie multiplexes and shopping malls around this area as well.


The progressive scenario of BT Road in requisites of real estate developments is indeed appreciating. With reputed developers, projects like Orchard 126 keeps on counting more. Such a progressive state of affairs will in return benefit the economic statistical figures of West Bengal and India in a bigger perspective.

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