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How Much to Budget for Rent

Salary Spending on Rent – How Much Should You Spare

Looking to rent an apartment? With a plethora …

Home Insurance Policy- Do and Don't

Home Insurance Policy – What to Do and What Not

When one talks about home insurance against natural …

Agreement for Sale VS Sale Deed

Agreement for Sale V/S Sale Deed-Main Differences to Know

A sale agreement made towards purchasing an immovable …

Tips to Buy a Home in 2020

Buying a Home in 2020 -Things to Know

The process of buying a home has always …

Indian real estate market

4 Emerging Trends to Impact Indian Real Estate Market In 2020

Quite a handful of trends are fast becoming …

Real Estate

2019 –The Year That It Was For Indian Real Estate and the Story Ahead

As we stand at the last leg of …

Impact of Technology in Real Estate Industry

5 Ways How Technology is Changing The Fate Of Real Estate in Kolkata

There is no denying the fact of how …

Real Life Lessons about Investing In Real Estate

6 Real Life Lessons about Investing In Real Estate

You might have heard about how people these …

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