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Posted On January 22, 2019

Why Construction Plays a Crucial Role in Choosing a Residential Tower


There are many important things that you need to keep in mind when you are buying a residential tower. From the location to the interiors, everything is important as you will be investing a large amount of money in your flat. But one thing that is most important of all is the construction.


People buy houses with an aim to live there for a long span of time. Hence, they want to buy houses with long shelf lives. This can only be possible if there is an excellent construction in your building. In fact, it is the main factor that will increase the longevity of your beloved residence. This trend has recently caught up in Kolkata as well. There are many houses in the upcoming locales of B.T. Road, Shyambazar and Dumdum in North Kolkata that has made it a priority to have good quality construction in their buildings.


This article helps you with the reasons why construction plays a very important role in choosing a residential tower. Here we discuss the factors that make it possible for you to have a strong and sturdy foundation based on which you can decide to build your residence. It will help in creating more awareness and will even help you make an informed choice once you come to know about its benefits.


Read on to find out how you can use construction to your advantage when selecting your dream home.


1.     Good Construction Is The Foundation Of A Strong Building


Just as every building rests on its foundation, in the same way, every residential tower rests on its construction. The construction is the backbone of the building. It provides you with all the necessary support that the building needs. It protects the building from natural calamities like earthquakes and thunderstorms. It fortifies your safety and security in the face of unprecedented wear and tear of the building. In this way, good construction is inevitable for a good building.


2.     Increases The Longevity Of The Building


A good construction can increase the longevity of the building substantially. This is because it provides it with the strength that can help endure the erosion and hardships that occur over time. The skeletal structure of the building always becomes weak after a long period of time has elapsed. If your construction is weak right from the start, it won’t augur well for your building in the long run. Hence, on the other hand, if it is very strong, then it will last for a longer period of time. In this way, the shelf life of a building rises dramatically when it has good construction. This is how old buildings have stood the test of time and have remained standing for more than a century. All the credit for this should go to good construction.


3.     Raises Its Selling Price


Apart from this, good construction can immensely increase the selling price. This is because you may decide to sell your flat after 8 or 10 years down the line after purchase. If at that point in time, your construction remains strong and robust, it will fetch a higher price in the market whereas if it is weak it will not fetch such a high price. Hence, it is very important that your construction is sturdy so that you can negotiate a better deal with your new buyer.


4.     Enhances The Reputation Of The Builder


A strong construction enhances the reputation of the builder as well. This is because if the flat has a higher shelf life, then the brand name of the builder rises and he enjoys a higher reputation in the market. On the other hand, if the construction becomes weak quickly, then it will not be possible for the builder to improve his brand image. Hence, having a good construction is imperative in order to improve the brand name of the builder.


5.     Increased Number of Amenities


Nowadays it has become very fashionable for residential towers to come with many amenities. However, this is only possible if the construction of the building is strong. With a weak construction, it will not be possible to support a wide variety of amenities. Hence, having a strong construction is essential in having more amenities in your residential towers.


6.     Protects Against Leakages


The monsoon season is very prominent in India with four months devoted exclusively to heavy rains. In this scenario, it becomes possible for your flat to be suffering from leakages after the rains. However, if the construction is good, then there are fewer chances of leakages to occur. In this way, having a good construction helps in protecting against leakages and provides you with a buffer against heavy rains.


7.     Makes Painting Easier


It is understood that the entire building will have to be painted after a certain number of years. At that time, you will have to set up scaffoldings all over the building to ensure that the painting goes off really well. At this time, if the construction of the building is not good enough, the painting also becomes unwieldy and cumbersome. Hence, you really need to pay attention to the fact that a good construction makes the painting easier.


8.     Maintenance Becomes Easier


Every residential tower has to undergo maintenance work every ten years or so. Now, here again, if the construction of the building is good, then the maintenance work will go very smoothly whereas if the construction is bad, a lot of money and time will be used up in maintenance work. Hence, this makes it amply clear that good construction makes maintenance work much easier.


From the above, it is clear that having a good construction offers many benefits to the owner of the property. Hence, a lot of importance needs to be given to this aspect when one is buying a 2 BHK property. Just keep the above factors in mind when you decide to take the plunge next time!


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