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Posted On April 10, 2020

Create a cozy reading nook in your home during the lockdown

Cozy Reading Nook

The idea of working from home and staying locked up in the house with loved ones might have sounded like a blissful situation, but only initially. The monotony of the work-from-home situation or spending time with the same set of people 24/7 must have started to hit you. But, you cannot lose your spirit yet. With the nationwide lockdown extended and a possibility of further extension, you need to keep the fun intact and there is no better way to do that than escape in the imaginary world of literature. Bibliophiles must have already got the hint and for others, this is a great time to read all of those books that you always wanted to read.

To read and escape, you need to have a comfortable and cozy corner in your home where you can just put your feet up with a book and a cuppa. It doesn’t matter if you are reading a book, a magazine, the daily newspaper or reading eBooks, a place to curl up is of utmost importance. The bedroom or the living room should be your ideal choice when it comes to creating a dedicated reading corner as these two rooms offer the quiet and comfort that you need.

Here are some great ideas for you to create the perfect reading nook in your home where you can indulge in reading for hours.

First, find the perfect spot or corner for your reading nook

Set Your Nook in a Cozy Corner

Even though the bedroom and living room will be the perfect choice for your reading nook, but you can also explore other rooms and spots in your house. If you stay in a 2 BHK apartment, those two rooms might be your only option. But, if you stay in a 3 BHK apartment, you can consider turning a spot in the guest room into your personal reading space as you won’t be entertaining guests for a long time.

If you are unable to find a spot readily, you can move and rearrange the furniture in your home a bit and free up space.

When looking for a spot, make sure that it is away from any kind of disturbance or distraction. So, the spot should not be anywhere near the television set or the radio.

Second, make sure there is a comfortable seating place

Comfortable Reading Nook

The reading nook is going to be your personal getaway in your home. It will be a place where you can resign after a day of work or be away from the gaze of your family members. This is going to be a place where you will remain seated or curled up for hours. Therefore, a comfy seating place is a must. You might prefer a bean bag, a fluffy armchair, a long chair with a small stool in front to keep your legs up or a light mattress and pillow on the floor. The choice of seating is entirely your personal preference and since you cannot order something new, make good use of what you already own.

Third, time to organize

Organized Reading Nook

Now that you have selected the spot and found the right seating arrangement, it is time to organize the reading nook. You can slide in a table in the reading book for when you wish to put the book down and pen something down. The table must have a pen stand and maybe a few blank pages so that whenever creativity hits you, you have everything readily available. To make the space appear lively, you can place a vase and put a flower in it from your home garden, which might be on your balcony or terrace. You can also place a bottle of drinking water so that you do not have to keep getting up when you are thirsty. When you sit to read, you can also get munchies as you might feel hungry after hours of reading.

Fourth, light up the space

You cannot read without enough light, unless you want to sacrifice your eyesight. So, you can choose a spot that gets enough natural light during the time. This way you can save on your energy bills when you are reading in the morning. For reading in the evening and night, you need to set up a table lamp or a desk lamp. However, ensure that the light is neither excessively bright nor dim. The light should be enough for you to read without putting too much stress on your eyes.

Fifth, creatively separate the reading nook from the rest of the room

Separate the reading nook

A reading nook is a private haven where you want to enjoy your personal time. For zero distractions, you can make use of curtains or hang a bedsheet to separate your reading nook from the rest of your room. This will ensure that your space is secluded and people coming in the room will not think to disturb you.

Last, but not the least, let your creative imagination run wild

Decorate the space any way you choose. This space is all you and it should reflect your personality. If you have decorative elements lying in your house and you never had the chance to use it, now is the time. If you like to paint, you can paint the wall of your reading nook and showcase your creative flair. You can put a lot of cushions around or hang your favorite pictures with a string across the wall. If you have fairy lights, use them. Simply put, use whatever you have in your house to make the reading nook feel alive and inspiring. So, it is time to get started on your design-a-reading-nook project. The Covid-19 lockdown has been extended in Mumbai, Kolkata and all the other cities in India. If you are a resident of Kolkata and stay in a 2 BHK or 3 BHK flat in North Kolkata, transforming your room with a reading nook will help you stay sane during this time. It will also help enrich your life.

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