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Posted On December 22, 2018

Decorate Your Dream House This Christmas

Christmas is here and with it comes the joy and cheer of the festive season. This gives you enough justification to believe that it’s time to spruce up your home. This bright festival is a time of lively parties and family gatherings hence it makes sense to get some new home decor for your house.


The entire house has to be decorated in Christmas and hence, all rooms should be decorated with equal fervor. The living room is the main room of the house and we need to start our decorations in this room. We can then move on to the remaining rooms one by one.


This festival is also the right time to eat, drink and make merry. Hence, ensure that your dining room is well-embellished. You also need to decorate the front door for welcoming your guests. This will help you improve the overall ambiance of your home.


You can also buy property at this time as the builders and developers offer attractive discounts and freebies this festive season. This will definitely help you get a better deal. Oswal Group is a premier quality builder and developer that have 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats on sale in B.T. Road, Kolkata. These are available in their flagship project Orchard 126 situated in this location.


This article provides you tips and guidelines on how to decorate your dream house this Christmas. Here, we give you a lowdown on how you can enhance your ambiance and entertain your guests in a better way this festive season.


Read on to find out simple and easy ways that will help you give your house a worthy makeover this Christmas. We have divided the process of decorating your house into the various sensations that we experience daily to give you a novel way of refurbishing your house.




Your house has to be visually appealing. This is because nothing stimulates the mind more than visual perception. It is essential to have a Christmas tree for Christmas so make sure that you keep one in the living room. You must fill it up with streamers, festoons, and candles to make it look bright and colorful.


You must also have a wreath that is placed in one of the walls of the living room. This will give a dignified look to the house and make it look aesthetic. Finally, you can add a large star in the middle of the living room to make it come alive. There must be a provision to put a light bulb inside the star so as to lighten up the ambiance at night.


Once the living room is complete, you can move ahead to the other rooms. The first that comes to mind is the dining room. If you have a chandelier in the center of the living room, then you can put a colorful star in the dining room instead of putting it in the living room.


Put scented colorful candles on your dining table along with multi-colored ribbons that will give your guests a nice setting where they can enjoy their food. You can make use of modern cutlery with decorated plates and cups to make it look even more elegant.


For your bedrooms, you can touch up the upholstery by using nice and colorful bedsheets, pillow covers and bolsters with Christmas images. You must also keep a statue of Santa Claus to keep the children excited.


You can even put a Nativity scene in the children’s bedroom depicting the birth of Baby Jesus to give it an altogether authentic look and feel. If you don’t have the time to make a new nativity scene, then you can buy a ready-made one that will save a lot of your time and effort. It will also let you pick and choose among various available options.




Music really stirs the soul and what better way to celebrate Christmas than fill your house with the melodious tunes of Christmas. You can make use of classic musical compositions like Nutcracker ballet and related tunes. You must also definitely keep some time for singing Christmas carols a week before the actual festival. This will spread joy and cheer in the house.




Christmas is the time to savor gastronomic delights with your loved ones. Whether you prefer turkey or goose, make sure to have a poultry item as your main course. You must also have cakes and pies for desserts. They symbolize the sweet taste of Christmas that brings a smile on every face. You can even buy some special dinnerware that will enable you to serve your guests with a touch of panache and glamour.



Aromatherapy works wonders for every mood and occasion and Christmas is definitely the time to have heavily scented aromas all around your room. This will enable you to have a sweet fragrance lingering in your house all through the festive season.


It is observed that olfactory senses are the most sensitive perceptions of our body. Using beautiful smells in your house enables you to create a good impression among your guests. It also improves and enhances your mood and makes it possible for you to stay relaxed and rejuvenated all during the course of your stay indoors.


Hence, it is really beneficial if we make use of these room fresheners that help create a nice ambiance in the house by making it full of floral and spicy hints that can rejuvenate any tired mind and body.




The final thing that we need to cover is the warm and cozy feel of Christmas. Cover your beds with colorful quilts and blankets that will help protect you from the chilly winds this Christmas. You can also use warm rugs and carpets on your floors for making your guests feel comfortable this winter season.


You can mix and match with different colors to give a look that is multi-patterned and multi-hued. This will definitely add a color palette to your house that will be a feast for the senses.


So follow the above tips and guidelines to decorate your dream house this Christmas!

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