Posted On March 21, 2020

DO NOT Finalize Your Flat On B.T. Road Until You Read This

Are you looking for a flat on B.T. Road? Are you confused with the options available and worried about the right choice?

In these challenging times, not many are getting the confidence to buy new homes, which they have been contemplating for so long. Multiple options, huge discounts, offers are ruling the market and is purely a buyers’ market, which makes it favorable and enough ammo on why one should take the plunge and buy new homes for their family. 

At the same time, with multiple offers, huge discounts, it’s challenging to make a choice. As there have been so many instances of home buyers falling in the trap of huge discounts.

In this write up I’ll provide you five critical reasons on why to choose Orchard 126 as your dream home.

Oswal Group has been growing from strength to strength over the last 16 years and has delivered projects as promised and every time on time. Orchard 126, a premium project on B.T.Road, is second from Oswal Group after successful completion of Orchard County just 1.5 km away from it. With stiff competition in the area with 3-4 other projects, Orchard 126 has been able to carve its niche over the last two years. With the completion of the project on time, Orchard 126 is what was promised.

5 reasons on why one should choose Orchard 126 out of several other options on B.T. Road are—           

  1. Delivery – On-time delivery is a cliché that usually no one attaches to a Real Estate project, all the more in the present scenario where projects have been delayed for years, unfortunately for the buyers. Oswal Group has been able to keep its act together and has delivered all its projects on time. Orchard 126 is the only project in its vicinity which has been constructed as promised and completed on time. Orchard 126 has been able to continue what Oswal Group is known for, delivery on TIME every TIME. It’s not only the time that matters but the detailed planning that goes behind it, which makes it possible to construct AS PLANNED AND ON TIME.
  2. Design Oswal Group has never compromised on the design even if it meant a higher cost of construction. The thought behind it is the intention to give a unique product that can stand out in the market and satisfies the needs of the family. Orchard 126 is no different and with its compact design of flats, but still all 3-side open makes all the apartments airy and with a natural source of light, an essential factor from Vaastu point of view. Its twin G+21 towers stand out in the vicinity as being the tallest towers on B.T. Road, giving a huge amount of open spaces for facilities and amenities.
  3. Location Orchard 126 is unique with its location too. With just around 6.2 km from Dunlop and 1.5 km from Sodepore crossing, it is strategically located at Agarpara, a more peaceful part of B.T. road away from the congested area of Dunlop and Sodepur and yet very close to them. Being a corner plot on the main road makes it even more advantageous from the buyers’ point of view. With roads on two sides, a private temple on one and low-rise buildings on the other, Orchard 126 is assured of its aspects were unchanged. The most crucial point from a buyer’s perspective is the Ganga View. With just over 1.5 km away but due to the height of Orchard 126, the sacred and vital for most, Hooghly river can be easily viewed from higher floors making it a unique project and traditionally of importance to most buyers.
  4. Successful Project – Orchard 126 is a successful project in many senses. Be it its design, construction method, quality, location, on-time delivery, or customer satisfaction, Orchard 126 for the past couple of years has been the talk of B.T. Road. From a buyer (family) perspective, what are the points which one thinks on ticking before moving on to a new home–On-time, Value for money, location, design & quality, community living. Orchard 126 have ticked on all these points, most importantly on community living. How will a family feel after moving into a new home (new project) and find more than 50% flats being vacant? A family moves it to new community living project to have more friends, good neighbors, company for their kids, security which makes occupancy and kind of people buying in that project very critical. Orchard 126 is the highest-selling project on B.T. Road, with just 14.1% of the units unsold as on 31/01/2020. With no special investor pricing ever at Orchard 126, all buyers are end-users, which makes it highly probable to see most flats being occupied soon and a community living in a real sense, unlike projects in the vicinity where nearly 50% flats are still vacant.
  5. Value for Money – Despite all positive points in a project, it may be of less importance if it doesn’t fit into one’s budget and gives value for money to the family. With all positive points and edge above all vicinity projects, Orchard 126 is presumed by many that it must be expensive. It’s not. It is one of the most pocket-friendly options on B.T. road. Over 76% of the prospective clients visiting the site have been converted to a buyer, which in real estate is an unrealistic figure. Over 76% have found the project to be excellent value for money. With its clear and transparent pricing and payment schedule, compact sizes, and lowest rate, Orchard 126 is what 138 families have already found it to be – VALUE FOR MONEY.

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