Posted On October 21, 2019

How to Fix Your Wardrobe According to Vastu Shastra

They say Vastu defines your natural way of life. It not only offers a fine sense of direction but also make way to stay positive and happy in life. If one tends to follow the rules of Vastu in the right manner the experiences offered in life can be astounding. However, it becomes very important for one to know the real meaning of Vastu and how it impacts ones lives and people around. Having said that, your bedroom assumes to be the most important part of your house and hence it’s necessary to know of several different aspects and elements that can be placed in your room. For instance the positioning of almirah as well as other furniture which ones to be placed inside the room and which ones you shouldn’t? Also, maintaining the direction is important. Above all one has to be really careful as to which kind of almirah or wardrobe you bring into your bedroom.

Which is the right direction to go about?

For starters, the almirah or the wardrobe should always be placed facing southwest direction. Also, the room should open towards the north. Hence, the placement of the furniture should be towards the northeast. However, there are also other favorable positions like North West and South East which are good directions as per the principles of Vastu.

Which is the right direction to go about?

Next, comes the colours. The colours that you choose for your wardrobe or almirah is also equally important. Remember to choose from a range of colours that aren’t too flashy or hurts the yes. Light colours are a good choice for placing almirah in your bedroom.

According to Vastu, mirrors should never be placed inside your bedroom. As a matter of fact, one should never see their own reflection while sleeping in the mirror and hence it has to be placed in the very same manner. If possible, your bed should also never be seen in the mirror. This is chiefly because mirrors are known to be the ultimate gateway connecting the desires and aspirations of humans. Hence, when wrongly placed in and around your 2 BHK or 3 BHK apartment, they can lead to unnecessary quarrels and bafflement. In case, you don’t have any option to place the mirror elsewhere, cover its surface with a curtain.

For almirahs, it should never be made of marble or other stone types of materials. Better to use wooden almirahs. If you wish to keep cash in the same almirah as in clothes, always ensure that the locker should never be placed over a shaky platform. Instead, it should always be placed on a leveled platform and preferably towards the highest shelf. Also, remember to place the cash locker in front of the North door of the almirah while the jewelry should be kept towards the west or towards the southern side.  Never place the Almirah towards north or you will be losing cash unnecessarily and all of a sudden. Remember, North is said to be the direction of Lord Kuber and placing your almirah to keep cash in the very same direction can usher in great wealth for the bread-earner of the family.


While placing the almirah or wardrobe, care should be taken that it shouldn’t touch the wall of your bedroom. Not only this saves the wall from undue scratches but also its the airflow in and around facilitating easy cleaning. Also, there shouldn’t be any obstacles in the way of the Almirah or the wardrobe and one shouldn’t have to go around to reach the almirah by any off chance. If this be the case, take steps to shift your almirah to another place as this might lead to prolonged diseases for family members. In essence, fortune and success doesn’t singularly depend on the placement and direction of the almirah. But, it also has a lot to do with the position and location of the bedroom within the house itself. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • The master bedroom should always be bigger than the rest of the bedrooms in the house.
  • If it’s a multi-storeyed house, then your master bedroom should be located in the southwest corner or at the topmost floor of the building.
  • The best place for constructing your master bedroom in the house is one that faces the South or preferably the Western Wall.

With a little bit of care and caution and by following basic Vastu tips, one can definitely usher in success, well being and fortune in equal measures for every single member of the household.

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