Posted On May 12, 2020

Gear Up For COVID-19 Lockdown 4.0 by Creating an Inspirational Kids’ Study Room

Kids’ Study Room Ideas

As India gets ready for the 4th phase of coronavirus virus, parents need to pay some attention to their kids, especially regarding where they should work and study. Initially, you might have been hopeful of schools opening soon, but now the situation is different. States and cities in the red zones might take 4 weeks or more to even begin the journey toward normalcy pre-lockdown.

Children, as you know, have a very limited attention span. They easily get distracted and if the learning environment is not conducive, you may hear your child complain every time you make him/her sit to learn. This is why it is important to create a space in your home that is dedicated to your child’s learning. From the décor to furniture placement and ventilation, everything should be carefully planned so that your kid feels motivated.

If you live in a big house with ample space, it might not be troublesome to find a cozy corner and turn it to a study room for your kid while also leaving space for your work-from-home setup. However, living in a 2 BHK or 3 BHK apartment means you have to intelligently make use of the space available to you.

Hopefully, after you go through the following tips on creating a study room for kids, your kid will not have to finish his/her school work sitting on one side of the bed, a corner of the lounge, on a mat or use the kitchen table.

The room should have comfortable furniture, but should not clutter

Decorating Kids Room

Whether you are dedicating a room or have chosen a vacant corner in the house and turning it into a temporary study room for your kid, make sure to place cozy and comfortable furniture. However, not too much as you wouldn’t want to clutter the space. All you need for a proper study room is a study table and a straight chair. The study table’s height should be as per the height of your kid and straight chairs should be your first choice as it will prevent your child from having a sore back after hours of studying.

You can also get a soft chalkboard if possible. This will make your child feel that he/she is in the school environment. For storage purpose, get an empty cabinet or another small table where your child can keep her study materials like, copies, pencils, erasers, sharpeners and so on.

Make sure the study room is properly ventilated

Study Room in Your Apartment

Not just the study room, your entire house or apartment should have proper ventilation. Keeping this in mind, your kid’s study room should have one window that allows fresh air and brightens up the room. If the room is properly ventilated and has open spaces, your child will be more at ease and enjoy doing school work.

The study room should have proper light

Proper Light for Study Room

The study room should be well-lit. There should be bright lights on the ceiling, along with a reading lamp on the table. Good lighting will prevent your child’s eyes from feeling stressed when they are studying for long hours. Do not make any compromises on the lighting of the room.

Accessorize the study room with all the learning essentials

Importance of study room

It isn’t convenient for your child to constantly get up in the middle of studying to fetch something needed for completing school homework. The study room must have all the necessary learning items. For example, a laptop or computer is extremely important for your child’s learning at the moment. With all the schools shut due to COVID-19, teachers are imparting education online. To keep up with the lessons being taught and the homework assigned by teachers, your child needs a device with access to the Internet. It can be a laptop, computer, iPad or a tablet.

Other accessories would include a table with an in-built drawer where your child can store all her stationery items.

Choose the right wall decoration to keep your child inspired and motivated

Children's Room Wall Design Ideas

As an adult, you might have forgotten your childhood days when you ran away from the very mention of ‘study time’. It is the same with your kids. You need to create the right atmosphere for them to feel interested in studying and learning. In between their lessons and homework, when your child looks up, he/she should find inspiring artwork or decoration on the wall. For instance, you can have a globe drawn on the wall or mathematical formulas. Also, it will be great if the walls of the study room are in soothing colors like, blue, white, pastel and off-white.

The study room should be a distraction-free zone

Importance of study room

The slightest of distractions can be the end of study time for the day. This is because children are curious by nature and they are prone to getting easily distracted. It can be the TV or the radio, or it might be someone playing music on their phone. Even outside noises distract them.

Therefore, keep the television, smartphones or anything that can distract your child away from the study room. Also, select a room or corner that is free from outside noise. To make the room noise proof in your 2/3 BHK flat or house, you can use soundproof curtains.

Add green elements to make the study room appear bright and lively

Green elements to make the study room appear bright

Plants can instantly add a touch of freshness to any room or any corner of your home. Also, it will help to enhance the flow of oxygen and make your child feel much more relaxed. You can get indoor houseplants, but make sure not to go overboard with it. The right furniture and atmosphere can create the perfect study room for your child where he/she can think freely. A dedicated study space will encourage your child to complete his/her school work willingly.

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