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Posted On May 20, 2019

Which Gives Higher Returns-Investing In Property Or Equity?


Which Gives Higher Returns Investing-In Property Or Equity


Most people love to expand their wealth. Everyone loves a life of luxury and opulence and this is possible only if you have the skills to make your wealth grow. Most people in India depend on three things to make increase their prosperity. These are property, gold, and equity.



Property lies in the realm of immovable property and appreciates very quickly especially if your residence is in a prime location. It is also very useful as you get a new home that you can live in or you can rent so as to make optimal use of it. Also, many real estate developers in Kolkata have begun large scale constructions in the city giving you a large variety of flats from which to choose.



On the other hand, gold falls in movable property and mainly consists of ornaments in India although now some people have also started using gold coins as wealth assets. Another thing that is very useful is investing in equity shares although this can result in a large amount of risk-taking.



This article helps in understanding the intricacies of property and equity and lets you decide which is better. Here we discuss the factors behind property appreciation, the role of your location and also the construction that affect the price of your house. Then we compare this with equity and provide you with an analysis of what will bring the maximum benefits to you.



After reading this article, you will be in a much better position to gauge the advantages and disadvantages of these ways of wealth management that will definitely hold you in good stead. Read on to find out which one of them gives higher returns so that you can make hay while the sun shines.



So let us now proceed to understand the reasons behind the factors that influence property appreciation.



Factors affecting property appreciation


1. The Location


Obviously, the location of the residential complex plays a very important role in deciding how much your property appreciates. The apartments that are placed in prime locations will obviously have better appreciation rates that are very different from those that are situated at the outskirts of the city. Hence, the location of the flat also plays a large role in deciding the future of your property.


2. The Construction


The construction also plays a very important role in deciding what people will give value to your house. Most reputed builders and developers place a lot of emphasis on the construction as most home buyers want sturdy and strong buildings that have aesthetic appeal too. This can only be achieved by the perfect amalgamation of functionality and aesthetics that can bring about a sense of prestige to your cherished residence. In this way, a lot of importance should be given to the construction of your building too.


3. The Amenities


Most builders and developers in Kolkata have started providing a lot of amenities to their customers who want facilities like gym, swimming pool, landscaped gardens, and even games rooms that can provide a residential complex where people can have all luxurious elements under a single room. Residential complexes with 2 BHK flats in BT Road North Kolkata will provide you with the best amenities at affordable prices.


If your property has all these amenities, then you can definitely get a good rate of appreciation on these residences. Hence, in contemporary times, people generally go for complexes that have these amenities under their credit.


4. Ease Of Accessibility


The ease of accessibility means that how easy it is for people to commute to and fro from work. There should be convenient transport from each and every corner of the city that will make it possible for you to have easy access to wherever you want to go. This simple fact will make it easy for you to have a better rate of appreciation for your flat so that you can get better returns on the same.


5. Convenience


Convenience is also another factor that needs to be taken when deciding on the rate of appreciation of your flat. This mainly includes things like having a lift, lights, security and car parking that will help enhance your lifestyle by a considerable margin. Hence, we must take into consideration this parameter too so that you can get the best benefits from your property with the most optimal amount of investment.


Returns On Equity


1. High Risk Involved


The most important thing to remember when you are making purchases in equity shares is that there is a large amount of risk involved. The risk increases with the rise in the value of the shares. This is because of the workings of the financial markets can be very unpredictable and can swing either way. Hence, one must be extremely careful of this fact when one wants to invest in equity shares.


2. Returns Depend On The Brand Value


It is common knowledge that the returns of equity shares depend on brand value. Hence, investing in them can be very restrictive as only certain companies will give good returns whereas others will not give returns that are so high. Hence, it can be foolish to invest only in equity as you might have to lose a large sum of money. So the crux of this point is that there is a lot of inequality in these returns. Hence, you must be wary of putting all your money here.


3. The Fluctuating Stock Market


The stock market can be either bullish or bearish. This mainly refers to the terminology used by traders to describe the intricacies of the stock market that can swing either way. Hence, this can throw your plans in jeopardy as you could face something that you had never expected before. Hence, you can invest in equity only at your own risk.


The Final Analysis


Hence, from the above, we can provide a final analysis that it is much better to invest in property than in equity as there is a lesser risk and better chances for getting higher returns. You can choose some exclusive property from new residential projects in Kolkata.


The best part is that people will buy your house even if it is old as they need a dwelling that is satisfactory. This would not be the case when you go for equity shares as people may be unwilling to buy them. Hence, it will definitely hold you in good stead if you focus on investing in a property that will stay with you for a lifetime.


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