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Posted On August 14, 2018

Homes, not Houses – What the Current Generation Wants


The decades between 1980 to 2000, are ruling the housing market in contemporary times. These years are often associated with the birth of Generation Y that refuses to compromise on a standardized way of living. A major share of 35% in home purchasing goes to the tech-savvy 21st-century population.


In tune with this, new residential projects in Kolkata bring at your doorstep an extensive collection of turnkey homes. This ensures that every young homebuyer gets full access to an equipped home environment. The ‘must-have’ attributes are supremely integrated inside these abodes to master the demands of millennials.

What Exists in the Minds of Young Home Purchasers?


Minds of Young Home Purchasers


In an era where smart spending has become a common norm, a desire for quality and modernity is also prevailing. Therefore, we have tried our best to decipher what lies in the minds of young people searching for homes.


Massive Cooking Area with Open Spaces


Cooking Area with Open Spaces


In present times, a kitchen is not only limited to the cooking of food but has become an important arena of family gatherings. After an exhausting day, the family members come together and want to spend a joyful time. As such, many new changes in the cooking area are automatically expected.


Synonymous with a drawing room, the modern kitchen is experiencing a transformation in matters of space. 3 BHK apartment B.T. Road Kolkata has given special preference to such needs and has come up with a commodious kitchen solution. This makes room for installation of gadgetry and technology. The picture that will strike your mind will be of a kitchen that allows the facile transition to television room.


Also, today’s generation is bent upon going for open floor plans that prevent the feeling of home compartmentalization. This improves volume inside the home premises, plus permits smooth movements during special occasions.


Economical Upkeep


Economical Upkeep


The relatively nimble-witted young generation does not feel the need to spend on unnecessary maintenance charges. Rather, they prefer surroundings that offer minimum importance to upkeep. For this, momentous characteristics like shiny wooden floors and granite kitchen benches are being suggested by building developers in Kolkata.


The idea of replacement rather than damage repair has been deeply embedded in the brains of young home purchasers. This comes as an aftereffect of self-importance and time management. People now want to enjoy their lives rather than cutting lawn grass and mending broken home decor.


Home-Based Workroom


Home-Based Workroom


The only way to love what you do is to create what you love”. With the same thought, creations are being done at home-based offices. An emerging trend called – ‘Work from Home’ is sweeping across the minds of many young entrepreneurs and workers. Since the means of technology have become more ambulatory, occasions of working from home premises have increased unquestioningly.


Additionally, upcoming housing properties in Kolkata provide an opportunity to create a customized workspace at home that can be utilized for work concentration and presentation making.


Clean And Outstanding Home Location


Clean And Outstanding Home Location


Nowadays, it has become extraordinarily difficult to find living locations that have minimum contact with noise pollution. As such, modern generation is battling with the hassle of finding systematic surroundings that provide a sense of tranquility.


Moreover, nearness to basic conveniences and transportation facilities also rules the wish list for an ideal home locality. 2 BHK apartments flat at New Garia satisfy the needs of both young people and those evolving families with children.


Mechanized Inner Surroundings


Mechanized Inner Surroundings


The major difference between Generation X and Y can be roughly calculated from their interests in matters of home technology. While the previous one never felt the need for internet and wireless assistance, the latter cannot think of a day without these global tools. Therefore, the young population is looking for homes that have high-technology embellishments.


Apartments Kolkata property guarantees highly mechanized home interiors for the youth of this country. Modern LED lights, refrigerator, bed and dresser units, and big plasma Tv are some of the better ideas for a smarter living.


Energy Organization


Energy Organization


The population today is more aware of the degrading effects of environmental hazards. In tune with this, many modern home buyers prefer to go for homes that are energy-efficient. This call for environmental productivity and protection has given rise to ‘green homes’.


The factors that concern this generation basically include insulation altitudes, seasonal energy-efficiency proportions. This idea is spreading far and wide in current times. Therefore, reputed builders in Kolkata have tried to incorporate this major proposition in their home construction affairs.


After acknowledging the potential needs of the modern generation, it is easy to understand their inclination towards a luxurious living. It has been aptly said that settlements should never be made in circumstances of quality, superiority, and contentment. This is why the millennials have quoted – “Modern generation wants homes, not houses”.


So, fulfill your fantasy of a twenty-first century home, since time will never be this much right again.


Invest in your dreams!


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