Posted On June 8, 2020

How to Create a Calm & Serene Meditation Corner in Your Apartment?

Meditation Corner in Apartment

It feels like meditation is the cure to every problem these days. Need help falling asleep? Meditate for twenty minutes. Feeling stressed or anxious? Again, meditate. Feeling disconnected and lost? Meditate.

Life is hard already and the coronavirus-induced lockdown has simply amplified the problems that people were already dealing with. Along with household chores, looking after kids and handling a job/business, people are now worried about life every second of every day. Everyone is thrown into uncertainty where nobody knows if tomorrow will be the day they lose their job or contract the virus from someone. As for some people, staying home 24/7 is taking a toll on their mental health and pushing them toward depression. To deal with such difficult situations, MilindSoman(model, film producer, actor and fitness promoter) urges everyone to get in the habit of meditating during the lockdown. IndranillBasu-Ray from Tennessee’s Memphis Veteran Hospital says that meditation enhances the body’s immunity.

So, it’s about time that you get things in order in your luxurious 3 BHK apartment or slightly smaller 2 BHK flat to create a corner for meditation. Keep reading to know how you can create a conscious corner for your meditation practice.

  1. Select a corner in your apartment that generally makes you feel good and remove all the clutter
Meditation Corner in Living Room

The first step to creating a meditation space in your apartment is to find the perfect spot or corner. Make sure that the space gets a lot of natural light and big enough to accommodate your body, both sitting and in a sleep position. Then, you have to go full-on Mary Kondo and remove every piece of clutter. By keeping only a few essentials and getting rid of the rest, you can create a space that will spark joy.

  • Get plants to make the space feel refreshing
Living Room Plants Ideas

Plants are a powerful life source. They act as an oxygen generator and air purifier while instilling a Zen headspace amidst all the consistent chaos, especially if you are living in an urban concrete jungle. For a 2 BHK apartment or a studio apartment, succulents with round leaves are the best option. You can also get parlor palms or spider plants for your meditation space as these plants give out great positive energy. If you have a bigger apartment with a lot of space for your meditation corner, you can get bigger houseplants.

  • Pay attention to aromatherapy
Meditation Techniques

Have you noticed how amazing spas smell and how great that makes you feel the moment you walk through the doors? This is because spas tap into the benefits of aromatherapy to comfort and relax their customers from the time they walk in to the time they walk out. You can do the same in your home. Essential oils can help you to tap into mindfulness. You can use specific oils to optimize your olfactory senses. For instance, citrus oil is great for people who want to get creative during the day. Lavender is perfect for those who stay stressed and need to relax.

  • Set the stage for meditation with sound
Mantra Meditation Benefits

Everything below, above and surrounding your apartment or home is charged with an energetic frequency. This is why cleansing the energy is very crucial. Sound frequencies are known to elevate cleansing rituals as sound can be played all day to pass through the energy blocks that are stubborn before meditation. Again, everyone is not the same. This means that you might not be resonating with the same sound as your friend would be or even your partner. You can try to find your sound by using different things, such as Tibetan or crystal singing bowls, mantras, Gregorian or Kundalini chants, shamanic drumming, sound of trickling and so on. When you release the sound, the energy of the space will sync with the projected bio-frequency of the sound.

  • Add crystals
Meditating with a Crystal

Crystals are not voodoo and they cannot magically make your life better, but they do hold some power in terms of calming and relaxing the mind. Clear quartz, selenite and amethyst are the three most popular and preferred crystals during meditation. Clear quartz help in enhancing clarity, selenite cleanses energy and amethyst allows one to find complete peace of mind. You can arrange them in a grid-like pattern or hold them in your hand while meditating. Crystals are one of the must-haves for your meditation space.

  • Ditch all of your techs
Avoid tech from Meditation Space

Your meditation space should be devoid of any tech. When you enter this space, keep your phone and other gadgets away. It is best if you leave your gadgets in the other corner of your high-end 3 BHK apartment. This space should be tech-free so that the typical dings from a text or email does not distract you. So, this is how you create your personal sanctum to find inner peace and calm. Make sure to meditate at least 20 minutes every day to clear your head.

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