Posted On May 27, 2021

5 Interior Design Ideas to Turn an Apartment into Your Dream Home



Buying a home is the ultimate dream for families in Kolkata. But does it end just by choosing one of the best residential projects in Rajarhat, New Town? Absolutely not! Creating a strong first impression is a priority and beautiful spaces tend to speak for themselves.

However, designing it accordingly may not seem as easy.

That’s why we’re sharing the top interior design ideas just for you!

Here are a few simple ways to give your home the best look it deserves.


Add the Impression of Space

If there’s something that everyone is trying to achieve, it’s the struggle to create maximum space inside. Of course, choosing 2 BHK affordable housing in New Town comes with a fixed carpet area. But did you know that you can make your home appear more spacious than it actually is? This is done through careful interior design and placement of items and furniture.

Moreover, it also means getting rid of clutter. Discard the unnecessary and find multipurpose objects that can store the important things that may not add to visual beauty. Opting for tools like floating shelves provide a fine impression while saving tremendous space. And lastly, clean as often as you can while using natural light to the fullest. That’s how you will add more space to your interiors.


Explore the Wonders of Colour

The first thing that guests tend to notice is the colour of the spaces inside. So when trying to upgrade the interior design of a home, choosing the appropriate paint and colour palette is the right way to go. And no, choosing a neutral shade is not the ideal solution as most think. There are three basic hues: dominant, secondary, and tertiary. Use these in fixed proportions to add more depth, but the ratio can be changed based on your aesthetics.

Also, it doesn’t have to be solely about colour. Wallpaper can prove to be a superb choice for interiors within residential projects in Rajarhat, New Town. This is because you can make modifications based on patterns and designs for a better appeal. Whether painted walls or wallpaper, ensure that they work well with natural light as well as after sunsets. And lastly, remember that the remaining décor will be based on the colour scheme you choose.


Keep an Eye on Visual Elements

Some pieces in a home function to make a statement. A vintage piece of furniture. An antique mirror. Modern artwork. They could be anything that could help increase the appeal of affordable housing in New Town, Kolkata. These can also take the shape of lampshades, lights, bookcases, tables and anything that captures attention.

Plants are also used owning to their budget-friendliness as well as their ability to breathe life into spaces. Identify your focal point and set up spaces around that. Don’t forget that the bespoke piece you select has the power to leave your guests in a state of awe!


Personalize it to Perfection

A good home is not just the result of choosing one of the best residential projects in Rajarhat, New Town. Rather, it is a personal space where we enjoy the company of our loved ones and relax after a long day’s work. So ask yourself, what’s a home without a personal touch?

Artwork by your children, trophies and achievements, souvenirs collected on family trips – you can keep these memories alive by putting them on display. In fact, showcasing your personal collections also reflect the hobbies and talents of each member. Hence, keep these treasures arranged to draw attention and add a personal touch to light up your home.

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