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Posted On January 18, 2019

Interior Designing Trends for 2019



2019 is here with a bang and this calls for an absolute makeover from earlier styles and fads. The second decade of the 21st century has seen some important changes that need to be paid attention to right now.


The most noteworthy aspect of the winter trends for the start of this wonderful year is the emphasis on decorating your home. This includes both home decor furnishings as well as interior designing with the aim of adding a surprise element to your beloved abode.


While fashions and tastes come and go, some trends continue to stay eternally for time immemorial. These become classics in their own right. This shows the high level of tenacity of what people love to cherish for a lifetime.


This article helps you with the interior designing trends of 2019 and how they can be applied to 2 BHK apartments. Here we give you a lowdown on the different changes that have come about in the sphere of home decoration in the past few years. We help you make an informed decision about how you can choose the best styles for your rooms to leave your guests enthralled and captivated.


Read on to find out what the interior designing trends are for 2019 and how they can help embellish the look and feel of your house.


1.     Showcasing Your Materials With The Perfect Finish


The recent trend this year is to have feather light glass furniture with oval shapes to give a refined and sophisticated ambiance that definitely catches the eye of the beholder. The best home decor of this type would surely be dining tables and coffee tables but you can customize these materials in a number of home furnishings in keeping with your tastes and interests. Just ensure that they have the perfect gloss finish to give your room the right dose of shimmer and shine. If you prefer something less showy, then you can opt for the matte finish that attracts attention without being too loud.


2.     The Color of 2019


After many trials and iterations, we finally decided that nightwatch green should be the coveted privilege of being named as the color of the year 2019. This arty shade comes somewhere between bottle green and hunter green and definitely makes your rooms come alive with its resplendent splendor. However, if you want to give your home a more somber feel, you can just add a patch of this color in eclectic fashion with a dash of a green textile or a green rug that can be placed in the backdrop of marble flooring giving your residence a vibrant feel and touch that will truly mesmerize the beholder.


3.     Convertible Home Furnishings


Does a sofa-cum-bed ring a bell among those facing a perennial space crunch? Believe it or not, convertible home furnishings are back with a bang this year and this is not just for those who lack the space to accommodate more furniture. It has become common for even those with spacious rooms to opt for such home decor that brings out the most evolved designs in the market available today. These furnishings have been totally revamped with the ultimate aim of combining the functional with the aesthetic. This has made them really popular and in demand at the start of this year.


4.     Less Is More


The trend is to have furniture that is compact and can be used in a multipurpose way so as to add value for your money invested. Maybe the reason behind its high use is the lack of space in urban dwellings especially those in North Kolkata. However, this trend is here to stay as it is the perfect blend of beauty with versatile usage. Hence, don’t be surprised to see a dash of style infused in such compact designs that really extol the fact that less is more.


5.     The Return of Boho


Boho has made a full-scale comeback in the scene having been out of design trends for a couple of decades. People have realized the value of its expressive designs and its laid-back look and feel that have caught the attention of interior designers all over the world once again. Recent trends suggest that it is here to stay for quite some time and it is best if we soon catch up with the advantages of adding a touch of boho in our sprawling residences.


6.     Terrazzo is Back


Another design trend to have made a comeback is terrazzo. This composite mosaic structure that includes a mixture of chips of different materials like marble, glass, quartz, and granite adds a touch of flair to even a dull setting. The confetti-like pattern of chips gives an intricate texture to your rooms that can brighten up the most melancholic mood. This gives a vivacious hue to lift up dampened spirits too.


7.     Colored Ceilings


While a lot of attention is always paid to walls and floorings, ceilings are always left unnoticed. The year 2019 is going to change all that with colored ceilings getting pride of place in your cherished residence. This will draw a lot of attention for the first time to a section of your dwelling that has always been neglected. It will also help you brighten up your ambiance in the most unusual and charming way.


8.     Curved Home Décor


Curved Home Decor was always popular in the 60s and it is now making a comeback in recent times. The circular elements of these home furnishings add an element of finesse to your rooms and also give a soft touch to make it look more welcoming. The most common home decor consists of curved sofas and center tables that sway and glide across the rooms giving it an exhilarating tone and feel.


9.     Geometry and Tribal Art


The year 2019 has seen a rise in the usage of geometric and tribal patterns that can help you add an element of zing to an otherwise bleak room. These look exotic and give it an air of panache that cannot be replicated by other methods. They come in bright colors that make your rooms look vibrant and provide them with an electrifying ambiance.


10.Eco-Friendly Designs


2019 is going to be a year with an added emphasis on care for the environment. This has led to many interior designers joining in the fray with designs and decorations that can be used with recyclable materials. This helps in preserving the resources of the Earth and helps Mother Nature hold on to her resources to be used for posterity.


So these are the interior designing trends of 2019 that will truly revolutionize the way residents of Kolkata design their cherished residences!


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