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Posted On August 21, 2019

Key tips to consider for Vastu Compliant Griha Pravesh

Key tips to consider for Vastu Compliant Griha Pravesh

House warming or Griha Pravesh is one of the essential rituals to follow while shifting to a new home. This system carries immense significance as it ushers in positive vibes to your new place. This ritual has been followed for years by Indians and is believed to be the most prominent step before you set your foot for the first time in your new house. Furthermore, it is believed that Griha Pravesh also takes care of any ill or odd brooding in the property, which might be a source of many unwanted occurrences. Moving to a new house is a long-cherished dream for many, and hence one should ensure to perform a house warming ceremony at all costs. Having said that, there are some basic concepts of Vastu that you must take into consideration before you shift places. Here are a handful of tips that you must follow while hosting a house warming ceremony.

The timing: House worming ceremony should always be performed at an auspicious time. For every ritual we follow under the sun, there should be a specific time. The right time is believed to carry good fortune along with it. If you are planning your house warming ceremony, then you can check the religious calendar or consult any astrologer for suitable dates. Remember, perfect timing often brings health, happiness, and prosperity into the new home. However, during September, October, and November, the real estate market touches the apex as there are so many suitable dates in these three months.

Decoration: For a house warming ceremony you should decorate your 2 BHK apartments completely but especially the doorway of your home. You can use toran made from flowers or garland to create a frame at the door. Further, you can add auspicious symbols like swastika sign, rangoli, and mango leaves in the end. Drawing Lakshmi feet believed to invite the goddess of fortune and wealth to your place. Make sure that whatever you decorate should look radiant in the backdrop of the newly painted vibrant walls. However, if you are going to be a homeowner for the first time, then give your best efforts to ensure this ritual to be the memorable one.



  • Fire ceremony: This ceremony is solely dedicated to the Vastu Purush. Fire ceremony of Havan is done to invoke the blessing of the Vastu god who removes all the possible existing errors and flaws in the construction. Moreover, fire ceremony tends to drive away all the negative vibes and energy that is flowing along with the natural energy of the earth. Havan is performed to refine the space, destroy all the negative energies, and to install the secret of peace and harmony.
  • The directions: The direction of the different elements of your room also plays a significant role in inviting goodness. It is always wise to consult astrologers for placing the right things in the right direction. For example, you should always keep the entry east-facing.

Moreover, the Vastu purush, who is the presiding deity, should always be placed facing the east. When considering the house warming ceremony, then you must abide by some of these rules to keep the good things inside. Certain things, such as the direction of the toilet, the course of the exit and other such things, when followed accordingly, can usher in success soon during your stay in the new house.

Entering the house

Entering the house: You must break a coconut before entering the house for the first time. This process signifies the removal of different obstacles. Moreover, it is said that placing your right foot first is an auspicious movement. On the other hand, witnessing boiling milk after entering the house is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity. In the end, the homeowner needs to sleep in the new apartment, especially on the night of the ceremony. This is mandatory.

Completed construction: You should always conduct house warming ceremony after the construction of your 3 BHK apartments is completed. When your house is ready to welcome your family to be shifted, perform this ceremony. You need to ensure that your property is freshly painted and no improvement is left behind. According to Vastu Shastra, you can only perform this auspicious ceremony after you are done with the ongoing construction work of your house.

To conclude, if you are about to own a property and thus planning a house warming ceremony, then do not forget to maintain the above rituals. There are a few things that should never be questioned. Hence, if you follow the above-given rules step by step, then there are chances for you to experience ultimate peace, success, prosperity, goodness, and positive vibes in life. However, it is always better to consult senior astrologers even before the construction as they can guide you the right way regarding different directions of the interior. Therefore, keep these tips in mind for ultimate satisfaction in the upcoming days.

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