Posted On January 23, 2018

Living Life The Healthy Way: 5 Must-Have Facilities in a Residential Complex


Life in a residential complex is safer and also gives people an opportunity to socialize better. These are few of the many reasons that nowadays most of the people prefer living in a residential complex, specifically in metro cities.


Another benefit that these complexes bring is the convenience of getting issues resolved related to carpentry, plumbing, etc. with the help of residential society. This benefit works best for couples who are working or singles who are staying on their own.


Residential complexes have brought a certain structure and lifestyle which is easy and manageable as compared to independent houses.


Before choosing a residential complex, these 5 must-have facilities should be considered as given below:


Eco-Friendly Development


Orchard 126 at bt road garden

Source: https://www.oswalgroup.net/orchard-126/

Once you have decided to live in a residential complex, ensure, to begin with, a thorough research. Know if your complex offers eco-friendly living, like solar panels for heating, ways to preserve rainwater, etc.


As a citizen, it is important to contribute a bit to our nature. With the rise of pollution, scarcity of water in many places, the future generations will have nothing to look forward to.


Therefore, one can begin by taking smaller steps for the preservation of natural resources.


Security Facilities


Security Facilities CCTV


Residential complexes bring a strong sense of safety as compared to independent houses. Always check if the place you are looking for has a sound security system in place, with working CCTV surveillance systems, alert security guards, intercom facility and the like.


Also, ensure that the building complies with the safety standards as per the rules and regulations. Don’t forget to check if the fire fighting equipment are available within the complex.


The beauty of living in such a housing complex is that safety becomes a collective effort rather than an individual one.


Ventilation System


Ventilation System Apartment


Ventilation is one of the major aspects while living in a house or apartment. Because in metro cities, two apartment buildings are in close proximity, which reduces the availability of free-flowing fresh air.


Always look for a place where you can get ample amount of air and sunlight in the house, as this is needed for healthy living.


Power Back-up System


Power Back-up System


Do look for a place which has a good power back up because power cuts are frequent in our country, be it a metro city or a small town. An effective power back-up ensures safety, especially if you have young children to look after.


It also helps in your daily work life as it is not hampered due to the lack of electricity. There are complexes which rely on eco-friendly diesel generators.


Play Area and Gardens


 Play Area and Gardens - Orchard 126


The lack of open spaces in metro cities has curbed down the number of gardens and parks for children to play to a bare minimum. A good residential complex always offers large play areas with swings, where children of all ages can play. Playing especially during the growing age of a child is important for their development.


The residential complexes also have beautifully landscaped gardens, where you can sit and relax alone or with your dear ones, enjoying the breath of fresh air. These places are also good for social interaction and meet new people. You can also have a mini picnic with your family in your very own complex park.


Value of good living has a major impact on our daily lives which cannot be ignored. Living in an independent house is not a bad idea, but it brings a different set of challenges with it, where you will be responsible to manage everything on your own. While a residential complex helps in resolving any issues collectively, with the help of residential society.


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