Posted On April 15, 2020

Lockdown… Best Time to Invest in Real Estate

Invest in Real Estate

I’m sure you must be thinking that here comes another article on Corona. Before you think that and close this, read this…. This video is for you to get benefits. Financial benefits…yes you heard it right… Financial benefits during this lockdown.

Of course, I hope everyone out there is free from Covid-19 and we get back to normal as soon as possible. But do we just sit at home and do nothing and wait for the situation to get normal. Let me tell you there are n number of opportunities for you to earn, improve, and learn so many things that would benefit your business and you personally.

This article is about investing in real estate. Why is this the best time to invest in Real estate?

The real estate industry has been badly affected due to this pandemic and it surely going to take some time to bounce back. In Kolkata, Real estate prices were already at rock bottom level and further benefits are only going to make the deals sweeter.

If you are looking to buy your new home, this is the time as after few months when we start to bounce back, which is surely going to happen, we may never see current prices with benefits ever again and of course the rock bottom borrowing interest rates.

The next question you will have in mind, what type of projects you should consider. From a buyer point of view, projects which are ready to move in or about to be handed over are the ones that are useful as there is a guarantee of possession and chance of delays due to this pandemic is eliminated. Your money is safe, you get your home at a sweet deal immediately… it’s a win-win situation for buyers.

If you think above is convincing, don’t rush before you hear this….

Orchard 126  Flats in BT Road

Our project Orchard 126 will fit the bill. Possession within a month of lockdown ends, a meager 51000/- for booking after you see the project video, brochures, etc. That is not all, you buy your home, we pay your EMI.… YES YOU HEARD ME RIGHT… we pay your EMI on your bank loan till March 2021, thus buffering against extra burden post lockdown. With project experience to payment, to the receipt, to agreement everything online, we at Oswal Group are following no physical contact policy for this time and yet giving you the virtual experience of the project. And to top it up, there are no cancellation charges, if you feel you want to cancel the booking, we give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Discounted prices and NO EMI payment along with rock bottom borrowing interest rates gives you exactly the financial benefit you must be looking for and with such low booking amount, it gives an icing on the cake with no burden in the current scenario.

So don’t wait. Invest at this opportune moment in your new home

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