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Posted On September 12, 2019

Our love-hate relationship with ‘Change’ and how it affects where we choose to stay

Our love-hate relationship with 'Change' and how it affects where we choose to stay


Change is an inevitable factor that no human can deny. But, it has a strong ability to make us learn the rigid things that we don’t deliberately allow ourselves to learn otherwise. Change plays quite a dramatic role in human evolution. It is safe to say that evolution is a synonym for change. Despite all of this, we humans are uncomfortable with the mere idea of it. We are susceptible to adapt to things that surround us. Adapt ourselves in places; adapt ourselves to situations and our surroundings. We quickly start developing habits around things. These habits soon become behaviour and ultimately our way of living. We humans have a common tendency to settle in with our set routines. If there is even a slight adjustment, we imbibe the same. We love things just the way we are accustomed to. Change, therefore, is a bit tricky concept for us and most of us are resistant to it. Likewise, home is our secure place, and we grow attached to every single inch of it. Therefore, when a matter arises to let go of it, we find ourselves in an emotional dilemma.

Regardless of all the discomfort, change has helped us transform drastically through generations. No invention or discovery would ever be made if we had remained stuck with our normalities. The urge to profit some more, the urge to evolve with changing times is only possible because we stepped outside our routine and perceptual understanding. In this article, we take a look at what it takes to migrate to a new locality and finding our new peace altogether. Here are six hopeful reasons to believe in the power of change.

#1 Brand new opportunities.

We should always change for the better. It is a vast and challenging decision to move to a new setting. The catch here lies in numerous possibilities our new location has to offer. Think about all the fun ventures you can indulge yourself into. You might even get our hands on something out of the box and discover your true potential. Also, though settling in a new place may take a while, but it can be worth it, right? It can devise a unique opportunity to start anew by bidding adieu the old routine. This change would get even easier if we positively embrace the new surroundings. Moving to a different city may let you avail of new socio-economic conditions, infrastructure, excellent career opportunities, better facilities and standard of living.

#2 Feasible Commute

The most preferred advantage we look into while migrating or selecting an area is feasible commuting. Our workplace should be at a close distance from home. Jobs are mentally and physically draining. The last thing one wants is to struggle with long hours of traveling after a tiring day. People often rent a room closer to their office for less fuss and to be able to enjoy more quality time with their family. A closer workplace saves traveling cost, time and efforts. Cities have now developed accessible and smart commuting plans through various transport options. Therefore, transport alternatives are always given preference while buying a house.

#3 Affordability

Well, all our house buying decisions start, end with revolve around our budget. With a set figure in mind, we roam around looking for various options. During our search, we sometimes get overly fascinated with a particular choice which may slightly exceed our set budget figure. This fascination can soon turn into an obsession, and we end up buying it anyway. This is because we look for comfort and satisfaction more than our proposed budget in mind. Affordability is this, indeed. Affordability means a reasonable price for the physical space, including its quality – here; quality translates to the location, neighbourhood, design, sustainability, etc. When a product includes all these elements, it turns affordable for us. Even when you are considering buying from a reputed builder in Kolkata, your affordability factor must be in sync with what they have to offer.

#4 Standard of living and a great neighbourhood

Change brings in new surprises, ones we have never experienced before. Finally, when you decide to move out from your residing place, you look out for options much better than your current ones. By options, we mean a friendly neighbourhood carrying a great lifestyle. A bad community always have an adverse effect on our kids growing up and can be very disturbing to cope up with. That being said, the environment is also a very crucial factor to consider. A healthy environment is always best for a family to dwell in. It calms your mind, brings in positivity and satisfaction to your life. We may not realize this, but our surroundings have a significant impact on us.

#5 Spending quality time with family.

Family is our crux. The bond that keeps us grounded with tender love and care. Whatever we do, we do it for them. Our decisions always revolve with them in mind. And with every passing change, the only constant thing in everyone’s life is family! There is no replacement for them. Sometimes, the family is the only reason why we opt to shift from one place to another. As the number of people grows the need for space and privacy increases. This is one of the most common factors why people buy new homes. After all, the family turns an apartment into a home.

#6 Socio-economic strata

A city is generally segmented into developed or underdeveloped status based on its socio-economic condition. A well-developed metropolis inhibits excellent career growth, sustainable living, good infrastructure, and strategized projects. A booming economy will always have great things to offer. It will give you a breath of relief to know that you won’t regret moving there. Life in a developed city is very convenient and promises a potential future. Therefore, it is a crucial factor to consider before even thinking of moving there.

To conclude this article, we will say that life well-explored is a life well-lived. Change is potent and should be accepted with faith. After all, we can always challenge ‘change’ and reinvent our lives into a better destiny.

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