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Posted On May 14, 2019

Make Your Home Ready For Summer


Make Your Home Ready For Summer


Summer, especially in the plain areas like Kolkata, can be a nightmare. The unbearable scorching heat and the annoying humidity cannot be easily avoided. And on top of that, the AC and the fridge usage during the summer can shoot up your electricity bills.



Preparing your home for summer is a good idea, especially if you want to beat the heat at home while saving significantly on electricity bills. There are many real estate builders in Kolkata, who could help you make your homes summer friendly. Some of the other things that you could do yourself to save your home from being heated up are:





Clutter can be the major cause of heat in your homes. It is the most visible problem, and also the easiest to solve. Clutter makes your home appear smaller, and also makes it more heated up by absorbing and radiating the heat. De-clutter your rooms by lightening the decor and toss away all the items that are unwanted.


Things like piles of old newspapers and magazines, too many items of furniture and unwanted boxes should be removed as soon as possible since all of these clog your living space and make your home feel less airy.


Keep heavy and bulky decoratives at bay, instead replace them with showpieces for living room that create a sense of cool and calm like indoor water fountains, water cascades, etc. These can be a great addition to living room decor and can also be kept in your bedside table for a cooling sensation.


You could go DIY by placing a bowl of water (preferably glass bowl) with flower petals in every room. This will give a simple yet refreshing summery twist to your home decor. After all, what could be better than beautification that also cools?



Pick Lighter Fabrics:


Bid goodbye to the heavy carpets and rugs this summer, since it can trap a lot of heat inside the rooms and raise your room’s temperature. Similarly, synthetic drapes, curtains, and velvet and satin upholstery should also be avoided during the hot summers. Instead, opt for lighter and natural materials like cotton and jute, since they are much cooler.


Thin rugs are a good replacement for carpets, while it is best to opt for pure cotton curtains and natural mats like the good old khus khus mats for cooling effect.



Add New Colors To Your Home:


There are many good builders and developers in Kolkata, and they will always know which colors to choose for a cool home during summer, but if you ended up with a not so good builder, you need to do the work yourself. Paint your home and select your drapes and accessories in the lighter shades of blue and green like lilac, ivory, olive and so on.


You could also use pastel shades and bright prints in natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and jute for bed, sofa, curtains, etc. since these tend to add comfort and coziness to your home while livening up the decor. These colors also soothe the eyes, which is very important when you return home after a long hard day of work.



Make your appliances Summer ready:


During summers, our Fridge and Air conditioners have to go through a lot, depending on the weather. Therefore, making your appliances summer ready is a very important part of summer preparation.


There are many short-term and long- term benefits of making your appliances summer ready, one of which is ensuring the normal lifespan of it. The harder your appliance has to work, the easier it is for it to break down. Making your appliance summer ready ensured that it does not have to work that hard.


Your air conditioner takes up a lot of dust which could significantly constrict the airflow of the unit. You could hire a professional to clean your air conditioner, or you could do it yourself. With a soft bristled brush and some dishwashing liquid, you could clean the filters easily. Do this at least once a month during summers, and run a straightened wire through your drain channel every three months or so.



As for your refrigerator, make sure it’s installed in a place that leaves enough room for the air to move around. This also makes it easy to clean your coils, which should be done at least once a year, preferably before summer. Also, defrost your refrigerator at least once a year. It is suggested that this too is done before summer starts. A clean fridge will consume lesser electricity ( a fridge contributes to 15% of your electricity bills), while a proper installation can prevent the room from being heated up.



Manage Your Electrical Devices:


There are many sources of interior heat gain that are often overlooked, such as lights, household appliances, microwave ovens, dryers, and even mobile phone chargers. Switching these devices off and unplugging them when not in use can significantly reduce the indoor heat while also cutting down your electricity consumption.


Cranking up the AC may seem like the best way to beat the summer heat, but it will drain your pockets with the electricity bills and isn’t good for the environment at all. Knowing when to open and close your windows will help you keep your house cool while also keeping your electricity bills in check.



Summer Window Treatments:


Almost 40% of the unwanted indoor heat comes in through windows. Proper window coverings, curtains, and blinds become very important during the summer months. Properly covering the windows reduces solar heat gain, helping you use your air conditioner less frequently.


Curtains made from natural fabrics like cotton would be the best for this season. Any good property builder in Kolkata will add proper window films, since adding window films help you reduce your indoor heat further while also minimizing UV damage and glare. There are plenty of options that can be found online or you can also get them from a local dealer.


Keep your windows closed during midday when it is the hottest. However, remember to open up the windows and doors when the cool breeze hits during the late afternoons since the circulation of this air will cool down your home. Also, do not forget to install nets on your windows to keep mosquitoes away during the long summer nights.


Add Greenery:


Houseplants can help cool down your homes, while also adding a burst of freshness to your homes. Peace Lily, baby rubber plants, Aloe Vera, etc. are some of the plants that refresh and cool your house significantly.


These are some of the budget-friendly ways to make your home summer- friendly. There are many other things that you should do to keep yourself cool. These are just some of the basic in-home tips. These simple yet effective tips could save you ( and your wallet) from the extreme heat this summer.


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