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Posted On November 5, 2018

Past Outskirts Are Modern Prime Locations

There has been a sea change in the real estate market in Kolkata. The main trend that has been catching along in the City of Joy is the burgeoning of far-flung areas as lucrative investment options. Till now, these areas were considered to be the outskirts but they have suddenly become prime locations in recent times.


The factors contributing to this development are many. For starters, there is a lack of available space in the central part of the city. Areas like Esplanade and Park Street have decayed and deteriorated to never seen before levels. This has been escalated by the shifting of corporate offices from these earlier glamorous areas to the new swanky locations of Salt Lake and Rajarhat.


Thus, the areas that were earlier congested especially North Kolkata have all metamorphosed into prime locations. One of these locations is B.T. Road in North Kolkata.


We, Oswal Group are proud to be one of the most prominent builders and developers in this prime suburb of Kolkata. Orchard County and Orchard 126 are the flagship projects on sale with 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments in the upcoming residential complex Orchard 126, and ready to move in select 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments at Orchard County.


Let us now go ahead and analyze the reasons for this change as well as other developing areas.


  1. A Shift of Corporate Offices


As mentioned earlier, since the year 2010, most corporate offices have shifted from Esplanade and Park Street to Salt Lake and Rajarhat. At the end of 2018, this process is nearly complete with Salt Lake Sector V occupying pride of place among the corporate areas of Kolkata.


Now if you will notice, Salt Lake and Rajarhat are close to B.T. Road and the rest of North Kolkata. This means that it is easy for residents of this locality to access this corporate area easily. Also, Salt Lake and Rajarhat don’t have metro connectivity making it difficult for people from other areas to travel there. This puts people of North Kolkata at an advantage as compared with people residing elsewhere.


The other areas that have benefitted from this trend are the prime locations in the Bypass region. This area has good connectivity with the corporate areas and is blessed with ample space making it another prime location.


Also, the Bypass area is also called as a specialty hospital zone with Ruby Hospital along with 6 other hospitals dominating the scene there. Hence, the shift in corporate offices has definitely given a fillip to residential developments taking place in the outskirts of Kolkata.


  1. A Lush Green Ambience


Another reason for the shift in residential buildings to North Kolkata is the lush green ambiance. Large arterial roads like B.T. Road and EM Bypass are blessed with a lot of greenery and small lakes that make it very environmentally friendly. This elevates the lifestyle of the people staying there.


In modern times, it is extremely difficult to benefit from such an ambiance while living in a metro city. Hence, people who reside in B.T. Road and EM Bypass are a privileged group who are the envy of others who cannot afford to live there for multifarious reasons.


There are even many tourist spots in these areas which keep you entertained while you are on a holiday. This makes it lucrative for people who want to unwind in the weekend after a hard work week. These areas are also home to swanky malls and commercial centers that make it easy for you to do your monthly shopping within an arm’s length.


This makes these areas extremely suitable and amenable for long-term residency as well as investment.


  1. Added Facilities


As there is a lot of space available, builders like Oswal Group have added a number of amenities for homebuyers. These include gyms, swimming pools and yoga centers to take care of your health. Many schools and hospitals are also within reach of B.T. Road making it well connected. The airport is also close by should you need to take a flight out of the city. All in all, it makes for a wonderful lifestyle that cannot be replicated elsewhere.


  1. In the Lap of Mother Ganges


Another thing that is worth mentioning is that B.T. Road is close to the lap of Mother Ganges, making it spiritually superior to other places. This especially holds true for the senior citizens of the family who can spend their time in temples that are dotted across the river. This will help them make productive use of their free time that will lead to spiritual awakening.


It is not necessary that only old people can follow spirituality. It can be followed by youngsters also. This ambiance provides the perfect place to practice it.


Mother Ganges is a holy river that is revered by all Indians young and old and living near it is an experience that cannot be described in words.  Hence, we should enjoy nature’s bounty even in the middle of our busy industry-oriented careers.


  1. A Lucrative Opportunity


The real estate market in Kolkata has changed completely since the beginning of 2010 and has become consolidated now at the end of 2018. The prices have risen rapidly in the past decade and recent trends indicate that it will continue to rise, albeit at a slower pace.


All this shows that buying a residential property in North Kolkata is a lucrative opportunity that must not be lost under any circumstances. They come only once in a lifetime and we need to capitalize on it immediately.


This article makes it amply clear that the Kolkata Urban Agglomeration has been expanding quickly and areas that were once considered outskirts are now prime locations. This has happened gradually and hence, most people are not aware of this change.


All in all, suffice to say that Kolkata is growing at a steady pace and the only way we can keep abreast of the latest developments is by becoming more aware of the current situation. This article does that and keeps you informed of the pleasures in store should you take the wise decision of buying residential property in North Kolkata.


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