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Posted On November 10, 2018

Privileges of Residing in North Kolkata

With an authentic charm and advanced facilities, it is indeed a privilege to live in Kolkata. the city of joy. It was known earlier as the Second City of the British Empire, next only to London. In the modern era, it is called as the cultural capital of India.


Even after millennia of social and political change, Kolkata has retained its eclectic spirit infusing both the traditional and the modern. This is highlighted in the vast facilities of public transportation from ancient trams to the modern metro system.


This can also be seen in the architecture of Kolkata. From the colonial heritage structures of Park Street to the ultra-modern and sleek buildings of Salt Lake and Rajarhat, Kolkata is truly a feast for the visual senses.


North Kolkata: A Novel Destination


This is further exemplified in the fact that North Kolkata is the traditional heartland of Kolkata. Earlier, it was seen to have buildings reminiscent of ethnically pure Bengali aristocratic families. However, in recent times, many builders and developers have started building new properties in this area to cater to a different kind of clientele.


Oswal Group is one of them. 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats in B. T. Road, Agarpara in Kolkata are on sale in the flagship project of Orchard 126 in this prime location. The ease of commute coupled with the verdant ambiance makes B.T. Road one of the best residential locations in Kolkata in current times.


North Kolkata is not only a residential area but is also well connected to the corporate hubs of Salt Lake Sector V and Rajarhat where most of the corporate offices are located. Hence, you will never need to spend too much time traveling should you decide to settle in this amazing place.


A Well Connected Hub


North Kolkata is no longer the same. With gleaming malls and high rise buildings, the entire look and feel of this quintessentially Bengali sub-division of Kolkata has undergone a sea change. The younger generation has taken it on their shoulders to modernize this area while keeping the traditions alive at the same time.


Conveniently located at the heart of Kolkata, this area is easily accessible by both road and metro rail from all parts of the city. No matter where you want to go, you can easily reach your destination from this well-connected hub within a matter of minutes.


Best Facilities Available


North Kolkata has the best facilities that are available for any resident. With spacious markets loaded with the best merchandise, shopping for daily needs just got easier. Some of the best schools are located in this upcoming area providing your kids with all-round education.


There are also good hospitals in this area that will enable you to secure your health. There are also a number of restaurants where you can entertain your friends and family should the need arise.


All this goes to show that North Kolkata is one of the most happening spots in the city. You will certainly miss out on the action if you don’t reside in this swanky place. The new makeover given to this part of the city has been lauded by all and sundry and you too should benefit from these upcoming developments.


High Rise Skyscrapers


The latest trend for middle-class professionals is to live in tower blocks. These are mainly high-rise skyscrapers that have all the basic amenities that can be made available to them. From well-equipped gymnasiums to large swimming pools, tower blocks provide the very best that residential complexes can offer.


This also helps on the social front as people can meet up in community centers or parks where friendships can blossom. Hence, this allows you the best chances of having a wide social circle that is generally not possible in this increasingly busy world.


Nature’s Bounty


We must also emphasize the fact that living in skyscrapers doesn’t mean that we lose sight of nature’s bounty. These high-rise buildings are blessed with nature’s bounty in the form of green spaces like gardens, parks and children’s play areas replete with swings and slides.


These provide the necessary greenery that is fast becoming a novelty in the urban concrete jungle. Fortunately, North Kolkata still has verdant spaces where one can relax on a holiday or even after a hard day at work. This shows the commitment of these builders and developers towards having a green and clean Kolkata.


Steeped in Bengali Culture


In spite of the modern developments, North Kolkata is one of those premier locations that are still steeped in Bengali culture. This reflects the quintessential spirit of Kolkata that always strives to blend the traditional with the modern.


North Kolkata is also the place where large-scale cultural events take place making it possible for us to live up to its name. From the boisterous beats of Durga Puja to the elaborate festivities of Christmas, this locality celebrates all festivals with the same fanfare.


This reflects its cosmopolitan character in spite of having a local core. It also reflects its adaptability in keeping with changing times. Considering all the above factors, it is amply clear that North Kolkata offers more opportunities for celebrations than any other place in the city.


A Privileged Locality


All the above factors make it amply clear that North Kolkata is a privileged locality in current times. Hence, it goes without saying that all customers should make the best of this opportunity and make hay while the sun shines.


Property prices are always in a state of flux and whatever that is available today may soon become out of reach within a couple of years. The present time is ripe for booking flats as it provides you with just the right deal at the right time.


So what are you waiting for? Just start exploring this extremely interesting area and you are sure to find something that suits your budget and style. Rest assured that North Kolkata will soon be the glamour capital of the City of Joy. Why should you be left behind in its path to attaining a lifetime of glory?

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