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Posted On September 11, 2018

Size or Location – The More Important Aspect for Home Buyers

The choice between size and location has been like a never-solving paradox for residential home hunters. Narrowing down to the reasons as to why such has been the scenario for so many years, the revelation stands out to be something riveting. The two concepts of size and location never go concurrently at a smooth pace. In tune with this, building developers in Kolkata have drilled their minds into researching about customer’s demands and preferences in choosing amid size and location.


What are the primary considerations potential homebuyers would have?


Which one of the two will have higher profit returns?


These are few of the questions that struck real estate developers, time and again. Strategic market analyst’s and survey panelists have conducted precise research to figure out which stands more effective and preferential to residential buyers while making their investment in the property domain. The outcome of the extensive research has not been a singular but multiple numbers of determinants that play an important role in helping homebuyers to resolve the conflict between size and location.


With the booming expansion of real estate properties in Kolkata, the resulting determinants in choosing between size and location are essential for the Kolkata property developers to know as well. After all, it is they who bring the availability of the two options to their customers.


Hence, reinforcing vital information (mentioned below) will aid real estate developers to communicate with their customers in a better way, making it easy for the customers to know their priority scores for size and location.


The Thesis of Determining Factors


As revealed above, there lie some determining factors that push the decision for choosing between size and location but before we plunge into them it is also important to consider that these are not just for home buyers but are also crucial for real estate developers as well.


Traditional, Nuclear or Single?


The foremost determinant is the number of heads in the family of the home buyer or is the person is going to stay single. A traditional family will always prioritize size during its primary selection whereas a nuclear family would be looking out for location much more than the size. For nuclear families nearby schools, hospital, market areas would be essential criterions for the selection of the property.


For those who choose to stay single or share the room with a roommate, will prioritize location much more than size for obvious reasons. The convenience of the location is a prior criterion than the size, not only for professional reasons but personal too.


The Monetary Claws


For any buyer, the budget of the property is what they look up to at the most rudimentary stage. In the case of size or location, whoever wins, the budget of the property plays a massive role. Both size and location are two such aspects that will either lower down the property value or amp it up.


It can be indirectly proportional to each other. If the location is a prominent one and the size can be compromised for that, the budget is generally kept at a higher price. On the other hand, even if the size is that of a 2 or 3 BHK, but if the location is remote then the property price can be asked to keep at lower margins. Hence, it is pretty normal to assume that economic factors definitely matter in the selection between size and location during property purchase.


The Tik-Tok Calculations


Time is something nobody wants to lose, even a fraction of it. Interesting to know that time does play an important factor in choosing between size and location, isn’t it?


The equation is simple! If your location is convenient and amenities are nearby, you save up a lot on time and therefore you settle for a smaller sized home. But if you have conveyance options of your own, then more than the location you would be looking for a bigger size residential property with parking space availabilities.


Developers of property and apartments in Kolkata will always show you two aspects of size and location on a beam balance, one weighing more than the other. But, ultimately, it relies completely on you as a home buyer to prefer anyone out of the two.


The Investment Tenure


Depending on whether the investment for the residential property is going to be for long-term or short-term, the selection process for size and location fluctuates. If it’s a long-term investment, say 10-20 years then both the location and size would matter on a parallel measurement. But if the investment is for a shorter course of time, the location will be preferred more than the size, since a bigger sized residential option can be shifted after some months or years.


The tussle between size and location, therefore, depends on such various determinants but at the crux of the matter, it is mainly the home buyers who are going to make the final judgment. Celebrated and reputed builders in Kolkata like Oswal Group keep in mind the factors of size and location and their determinants quite clearly.


This is the reason why residential projects like Orchard 126 and Orchard County with variants of 2 & 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments respectively, are soaring high with immense demand and popularity. Both the aspects of size and location are kept in clear and sharp, parallel alignment to help customers find their ideal residential property without any fuss or confusion.


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