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Posted On November 20, 2018

Snazzy Tips to Decorate Your House This Winter

Winter is the most loved season in India. It gives us respite from the scorching heat of summer and the drenching rain of the monsoons. Hence, it makes sense to derive maximum benefits from these two or three months that come every year.


However, sometimes winter can become a little too cold for us to enjoy with the mercury going close to the freezing point. Hence, it becomes essential for us to make some preparations so that we are not left in the lurch in the midst of the cold.


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Winter brings sudden changes in the weather. Sometimes the chilly winds can affect those staying in the higher floors of residential towers. You can counter this effect by just incorporating some snazzy tips that will help you feel warm and cozy even in the face of the cold winds.


So let us proceed with these tips that will help you stay comfortable in winter.


  1. Put Your Knitting Skills to Good Use


Don’t you remember your childhood days when your mother used to knit woolen sweaters and socks for you? She did this with good reason so as to keep you warm and safe from the harsh cold. You too can continue this tradition by putting your knitting skills to good use.


You can knit sweaters, pullovers, cardigans and socks to make your loved ones comfortable. You can even add to the fun by making these garments in different colors. This will be a delight for every family member especially the children.


Knitting was originally used as a pastime but in recent years its efficacy has been recognized by society. Many countries all over the world, especially, cold countries have made it into an industry in its own right.


So just take your knitting needles and thread bobbins and get into this fun-filled task right away!


  1. Make the Lights Brighter


With the chilly winds running helter-skelter, winter can certainly make you feel cold all over. However, a good source of light can certainly heat up the ambiance of your frigid home. For this, yellow lights are the best option as they give you the best luminosity along with added heat. This will light up your room completely and make the temperature rise momentarily.


We must never underestimate the power of psychology when we are countering cold. Yellow lights not only make for a luminary treat on a cold winter’s night but also make your mind feel secure with their heat.


You can even mix and match the colors of your lights in keeping with your tastes and sensitivities. For example, all you need to do is keep a bright yellow light in the center and surround it with different colored lights like blue and green to provide for an eclectic ambiance.


Always ensure to have a dimmer that will help you regulate the lighting. So if the mercury goes near to freezing point, then you can always raise the level of brightness with the help of a dimmer and this will heat up the room a little bit.


  1. Welcome Leather to Your Living Spaces


Leather is a very useful material that can help you in countering cold. With its heavy texture and inbuilt heat saving capacity, leather comes as a boon for people living in cold countries. The shiny and glossy look of leather also makes it look glamorous and adds an element of panache to your room.


You can put leather in a variety of places in your living spaces. For example, you can change the covers of your sofa and cushions into leather covers only for the winter. You can also add a leather tablecloth on your center table.


The warm feel and touch of leather give a cozy and welcoming ambiance to your living spaces. This will help your guests feel at ease even if it’s snowing outside. You can even put some leather apparel on your chairs to give that extra finesse to people who need protection from the extreme cold.


  1. Indulge in Brown and Chocolate


Research has shown that brown and chocolate provide the feeling of warmth and heat. This could be because they reflect the warmth that the woods bring. Hence, you can certainly put some brown curtains and chocolate pillow covers to make your house feel warm.


Just make note of the fact that brown and chocolate come in many shades. So it always makes sense to choose the darker shades if there is a choice available. This is because darker shades can help you feel warmer than lighter shades.


This could be because of the high density of color in darker shades. This helps you feel a sense of warmth whenever you see a dark brown or dark chocolate blanket. Always remember to replace the usual colors of blue and white with these darker colors every winter. You will surely notice the difference after doing this.


  1. Install Wooden Flooring


Another easy way in which you can raise the level of heat in the house during winter is to install wooden flooring. This will help in retaining whatever heat has been absorbed during the day. It will also help you to sleep peacefully in your beds even though it may be freezing cold outside.


Installing wooden flooring will also help you get an aesthetic look in the house. This will prove to be very memorable for guests whenever they come to visit you. This is the reason why people in cold countries always have wooden flooring. This protects them from the extreme cold that is prevalent in temperate and frigid zones. Also, installing wooden flooring is an expensive affair, so one can also think of carpeting the entire area to make it more cost affecting and solving the purpose.


So just incorporate these snazzy tips to decorate your house this winter. This will surely leave your guests spellbound!

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