Posted On July 16, 2020

Strategies for Real Estate Agents to Consider During the Pandemic

Real Estate Marketing Strategies

The ongoing pandemic has bought a considerable amount in all of our lives, especially our professional lives. Small or large, almost all industries are facing challenges and real estate is no foreign to it. Since February of 2020, the real estate industry has shaken out of business. While working from home has worked out just fine for most sectors, others are still struggling to find a balance. Real estate builders are having a difficult time conducting and adjusting to the new working methods as open houses, home walk-throughs, and meetings with clients have been impacted immensely. In such difficult situations, the ideal thing to do is to get help from our current best friend- the internet. We have accumulated a list of strategies for real estate agents to consider during the pandemic to make it easier for the clients and themselves. To know what they are, continue reading!

Top strategies For Real Estate Agents:

Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Even in the most difficult situations reputed real estate builders in Kolkata have been practicing various strategies to go about with the new normal. Here are some of the top tips that these builders have for the others who are struggling:

Virtual Experience:

Apartment Tours Virtual

With social distancing becoming a compulsion and constant lockdown, buyers paying a visit to their desired property has become increasingly difficult. The best solution to this problem is to go digital and make your apartment tours virtual. It is especially a good tip if you are trying to sell a 2BHK or 3BHK flat as showing around flats over video conferences is easier than showing a bungalow. So if you have any upcoming real estate projects in Kolkata, Go all out and take multiple videos and photos from every angle. Also, don’t forget to take shots of every corner and cover every detail. Videos give you a chance to thoroughly describe the place to your buyers. This strategy is beneficial for the buyers too as they shall have the liberty to pause the video and re-watch or even scroll through the images as many times they want to before coming to a concrete decision and even ask their friends and family for their opinions on it. Just like you video call your family and friends, connect with your buyers through similar video conferences in real-time. Pandemic or no pandemic, most people turn to help from the internet before physically going out for a house hunt. Make the most out of it!

Keep Updating:

Update Your Clients

Content is supreme. Going online with your new residential project opens new doors of opportunities for real estate builders as most people who look for properties are serious about buying it. Connect all your social media platforms and make sure to the information on the website up to date at all times. Your prospective client is more likely to show interest if they see that the site and information on it get regularly updated. If you want to increase your reach, other than the organic method you also have paid promotions where you can post ads of the property on various social media forums to highlight it. Google ads is one such interesting tool which helps in expanding your reach. Make full-fledged power-point power-point presentations if that’s what it takes to update your clients more helpfully.

Strengthen Your Bond with Customers:

The best way to strengthen your bond with your customers is to build trust and you do so you need to be as honest as possible. Not only do you have to be efficient with your prospective customers but also with your existing ones. Understand that the pandemic has caused distress to everyone. It is harder for some more than the others, hence create strategies and plans that are ready to deal with situations such as late payment. Increase the period of payments or distribution the installments in a way that the customer doesn’t get crushed by it. It is important to maintain a good relationship with your customers and for that, you have to avoid the route of hard and fast rules.

Manage Construction Resources:

Physical Resources in Construction

According to the central government, the state government has the power to decide when and how they want the lockdown to be conducted, keeping in mind the conditions and cases of COVID- 19 in the state. In such scenarios, it is difficult to estimate what will happen when. Many builders in Kolkata face issues when it comes to the supply of material, funds, and labour. While it’s impossible to keep the work going without any obstacle in such conditions, one can only do their best to make sure that the number of challenges faced is as few as possible. When it comes to supply for materials, the best way is to stock. The most ideal method to resolve the issue of availability of fewer workers is by dividing the work efficiently among the present people. Don’t overload them with work and make sure to strategize it well.

Highly Responsive Online Presence:

Real Estate Marketing

Everyone has questions and no question is stupid. As a brand online, you must treat all your potential clients equally and respond to each of their queries individually. If you have other content material such as blogs, articles, videos or pictures to help them understand better, go ahead and attach the links to them in the response. Automated solutions are also a good way to respond to clients quickly. Artificial intelligence does make it easy to answer questions appropriately as well as instantly. They are equipped to solve basic queries efficiently and in case there’s something they can’t provide an answer to, you can also ask the client to get over a telephonic conversation or connect through email to explain things to them in a more elaborate way. Facebook Video Live is also a great way to attend multiple queries at once that too face-to-face, virtually.

Offers and Discount:

offers and discount

As hinted at before, it is the goodness and efficiency of the company that helps it make a name in the industry. No client has ever said no to a good offer or discount. If you are willing to sell a property then this is the best time as it is the perfect opportunity to make exciting offers and discounts. Purchasers get highly attracted by attractive discounts. GST discounts get instant attention and encourage the buyer to invest in the property faster. Ready to move in flats in North Kolkata is at high demand now as they require less effort from the buyers’ side, so it is advisable to keep the booking application fees low to get the attention of more clients.

Lastly, nothing attracts customers like good rates. Keep the current situation in mind, understand that if it’s tough for you then it is tough for the buyers too. It is the mark of a good real estate builder to turn situations around, and this is one such situation. Make top notch online portfolios, add testimonials of customers who have bought properties from you before, and most important, treat your customers right and stay in touch with them!

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