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Posted On May 15, 2018

Tips to Save Electricity at Home


Given the deteriorating availability of electricity and other energy forms, it has become imperative to save the resources for the coming generations. Recently, various campaigns have been run to raise awareness of the continuously diminishing availability of energy and resources to the public. Big promises are made but only to be broken.


A vast population of the world takes the issue casually without even realizing how the negligence would affect their coming generations.


Do Right, Save Light


comes to saving electricity


When it comes to saving electricity, it is not necessary that you make an additional expenditure. There are several ways in which you can preserve the resources for future use. The only thing needed to save light is to take the right measures. Keep a correct approach towards keeping your promise of saving electricity, and that’s what you start your efforts with.


Here is a list of few small yet significant tips to save electricity at home.


Use More Natural Lights


Allow natural lights to enter your indoors


Allow natural lights to enter your indoors. Having your curtains always pulled does nothing but increase the electricity consumption. When you have the sunlight during the day, avoid switching on the lights. Pull off the curtains and blinds and work in the natural light throughout the day.


Use the artificial lighting when the natural light alone can’t help. In case, you need some privacy, make sure you have light-colored curtains, which even if pulled off can allow the light from outside to enter your premises.


Avoid Unnecessary Lighting


Avoid Unnecessary Lighting at Home


When you’re leaving a room, ensure you go only after the lights are switched off. If you’ve your kids playing in a place and they forget to switch off, or they don’t yet know how to put off the lights, not in use, you need to do it. This will not only minimize your electricity bill amount but will also help your children learn the same. They will also develop the habit of not keeping lights switched on unnecessarily.


Even if it’s your company paying the bills for the use, always remembers, it’s not the money that matters, but it’s all about the availability of the energy in the future.


Have Candlelight Dinners


A candlelight dinner is a romantic idea


Your ladies will love the idea. A candlelight dinner is a romantic idea, which will not only make your ladylove happy but also help in saving electricity. Once in a week, candlelight dinner will be an excellent arrangement. Even your kids and parents will enjoy. Do give it a try!


Be Together at Night


Saving electricity on room


Saving electricity will be easier if you accommodate yourselves in fewer rooms. This will also get you some quality time to spend with your near and dear ones. Spread into one or two places – kids in one room, adults in the other.


Think about the Outdoor Lighting


Think about the Outdoor Lighting


Most of the people are found keeping the outside porch light or path lights burning throughout the night. Switch it off once you are going to hit your bed. Use decorative lights in the garden as it improves the look of your house. But always remind yourself to what extent you should use them. Be careful.


Use Appliances & Electronics to Minimum


Use less Appliances & Electronics


Life has become all about luxuries these days. From washing your daily clothes to having a calm ambiance to fall asleep, everything we need is appliances and electronic devices. It is recommended to use them to a minimum. If you’re shaving, don’t keep the water running. Take short showers. Keep the air conditioning on only for the required hours or to a minimum.


Unplug Everything


unplugging appliances and devices after use


If you think your electronic appliances do not consume energy as soon as they’re switched off. You’re wrong. To ensure the power is not wasted, you must unplug appliances and devices. If you get used to unplugging appliances and devices after use, you will save electricity to a great extent. Try, and you will see that in the next electricity bill that you receive.


Use Energy-Efficient Lighting


 save electricity, CFL or LED bulbs


Seeing the enhanced consumption of energy and the need to save electricity, CFL (Compact Fluorescent bulbs) or LED bulbs. The incandescent bulbs that are typically used release more of the heat than the light they produce. The CFLs and LEDs, on the other hand, are quite energy-efficient and save a lot of electricity, thereby showing significant results in your electricity bills.


Following the points as mentioned above will surely make it easier for you to keep your promise of saving electricity at home. This will not only make you a contributor to saving energy but also inspire others to follow.


If you go through the real estate projects offered by the Oswal Group, you will discover how serious the developers are about saving electricity. They use the most energy-efficient lighting options in the housing projects and contribute to saving the diminishing resources.


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