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Posted On May 3, 2018

How To Water-Proof Your Residential Flat For The Upcoming Monsoon


Monsoon is just a few months away. With the rainy season approaching just around the corner, it is likely for you to have started the preparations for the same. From buying a raincoat for your children to purchasing waterproof watches and shoes, you have already set goals for the rains this year.


While your focus is your body from top to toe, you are forgetting to protect something that keeps you safe and protected from extreme weather conditions. Yes, you are right, we are talking about your home.


Tips to Water-Proof Your Residential Flat This Monsoon


This monsoon will be the time to protect your protector. Here are some tips that you can use to keep your residential flat waterproof.


Examine your house


examining your home


The first and foremost thing that you need to do is start with examining your home minutely. To achieve this correctly, inspect every corner of your house. Find out the cracks, if any, that may lead to water leakage in your home.


The essential points to consider in this respect are as follows:


•          Leakage of water is one of the leading causes of mould and mildew

•          Repair the cracks to avoid any leakage in the monsoons to ensure your house is water-proof

•          It is recommended to get your exterior walls painted with waterproof paints.


Check your wooden artifacts


Check your wooden artifacts


Whether it your furniture set or a wooden vase, it is essential to keep your wood materials clean and moisture-free. It is advised to homeowners to choose a dry cloth for dusting or cleaning the wooden artifacts. Handling furniture with care is one of the most crucial steps towards waterproofing your premises.


Some of the issues that you commonly face include:


•          Swelling of wood. During the rainy season, wooden doors start to swell. Find out if there are any loose hinges. If you find any, fix them into the frame correctly.

•          You can also use sandpaper in the areas that seem expanded

•          Always make sure the grills are rust-free and railings are coated with paint and red oxide.


Inspect your house from inside


Examine your house from inside


There are instances where people forget to examine the 2/3 BHK residential apartments from inside while they inspect it from outside. Never commit such mistakes.  Hence, make sure you take care of your indoors.


To do so, however, you need to:


•          Ensure changing the linen of all your rooms frequently during the monsoons.

•          As the sunlight reaches your room to a minimum during the rainy season, it is advised to change summer drapes with lacy curtains.

•          Make your interiors free from moisture by using the curtains


Have a look beneath your feet


Have a look beneath your feet


When you are asked to inspect your house during the rainy season, it usually is the walls and interiors around that get all your attention. You tend to forget about the floor area.


To take care of your floors, you can do the following:


•          In monsoons, when you mop your floor with a wet cloth, it remains damp or the rest of the day. However, this is neither good for your carpet nor the health of your house. It is, therefore, recommended to roll your carpet to protect it from spoiling.

•          Also, it is advised to use a cleaning agent to mop the floor in monsoons, as the presence of insects and microorganisms is frequent during this season.


Keep your drains clean


clean your drains at home


This is one of the necessary arrangements to be done before the monsoons arrive. Water clogging is very regular during the season. Hence, you must try unclogging the drains at home every week.


Water clogging may lead to the following issues:


•          Excess of water and food particles get stuck in the drains during the rainy season

•          Water clogging leads to extremely foul smell along with making conditions favorable for insect breeding

•          The worst case can be the overflow of the water in your house in the monsoon season


Focus on electric arrangements


Focus on wires and electrical arrangements


Checking wires and electrical arrangements throughout your premises is yet another way to keep your 2/3 BHK residential apartment waterproof. Look for loose wires in your house. Fix the issue at the earliest.


It is recommended to repair the cables before the monsoons start otherwise:


•          In the rainy season, electric failure is likely to happen

•          It may also result in short circuit.


Use water-proof paints


Use water-proof paints on home


Whether it is your house’s exterior walls or interior ones make sure you apply waterproof painting. This move will ensure that your home and its color withstands heavy rainfall.


Besides the tips mentioned above, it is advisable for homeowners to install ventilators in their houses. This will help the humid areas of their place to curb dampness and ensure a humidity-free homely atmosphere.


Undoubtedly, the tips mentioned above will be of great help in these monsoons given to your equal attention to every corner of your house from top to bottom.


So guys, be ready to enjoy your monsoons this year without any worry about how to keep your house waterproof and healthy even during severe rainfalls.


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